Monday, December 22, 2014

Back To Work

Yesterday, Howard went to visit to his parents. He'll be back this afternoon. I had this illusion that I had a day to myself and expected to sew all day only the morning was filled with breakfast together before he left, journal writing, and then coffee with a friend and when I got home, it was time for lunch and then a meeting with a co-worker of Howard's whose house I'm helping design and decorate. And then, I talked to my daughter and a friend and another friend on the phone and then Miss Chloe and I went for a walk. After that, I cleaned my studio so I could work and then I knit for half an hour because it was almost time for dinner with my oldest son. By the time I was ready to get back to work...

... it was 8:15 in the evening so I wrote this post instead. The pictures are from when I was in Eugene earlier this month. Other than a quick fix on something that I can't even remember, I haven't sewn since I got back from my trip but I'm really Really REALLY hopeful for sewing to happen this afternoon - LOL.

If you remember, I'm working on a challenge with my friend Sheri using one fabric in one color to create an interpretation of Vogue 1408 with all its wonderful sections and seaming. Above, are two samples of different ways to overlap, sew and finish the seams for the pieced back. I chose the one closer to the forefront with the top stitching further away from the edge. Below....

... is the pieced center back with the plain upper side back pieces next to the ridged side lower back pieces. Center back was originally one complete piece running from neck to hem. I decided to divide it into an upper and a lower back and to...

... create more pieces and more flare in the lower back section by redrafting the pattern for six equal wedge shapes. The back has significantly more flare now and is quite heavy. I may need to stabilize the waist in some way.

I wanted to define the seam lines of the wedges so I sampled different approaches. The seam allowance far left is sewn right sides together with the seam allowance pressed to one side and zigzagged in place. That's the option I chose. The center one is sewn right sides together and has the seam allowance pressed open and then top stitched with zigzagging through the middle and the far right one has the seam allowances sewn wrong sides together and pressed open and exposed on the front with the edges zigzagged in place. These last two options aren't wrong; they just weren't the vision I had in mind.

When I left Sheri's, all the back pieces were done except for two more wedges and I had started developing the fabric for those sections by creating stitched lines on the surface. It's tedious and long and boring and has a wonderful effect. That's the work that...

... I'm returning to in the studio - hopefully today - although I have appointments all morning. Ideally, I'll be finished this piece before the end of the month - the deadline Sheri and I set. She's already given me my next challenge - asymmetrical and contrasting. Hmm...

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a clean house, a plan for what needs to be done

I love color, but it has to be the right shade in the right place. And not too much. 
- unknown, from the magazine I cut up for my collage


  1. This is shaping up well, Myrna! I like it. Especially the side pieces. Can't wait to see it finished. Enjoy the process.

    1. LOVE the side pieces. I'm a huge fan of texture. LOL - I can't wait to see it finished either. I'm making it using a step-by-step process so I only know the step I'm on and I'm not sure what's next. It'll be a dress. That's all I know. Very fun.


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