Monday, December 15, 2014

Working Down The List

This weekend, I started working down the list of things that I want or need to do before the Christmas or the end of the year. I prefer to start the new year with no unfinished projects and to be working on an exciting piece. Deciding which thing on the list to do next is a bit like deciding which project to sew - the one the tickles the loudest gets attention.

I'm not feeling very Christmasy this year and my son was starting to wonder if decorations were ever going to go up. Eventually... but not before I'd cleaned house - which I did on Saturday - and then put together a Christmas bouquet.

It's been a long time since I've made a center piece for the dining room table. It seemed the thing to do when I saw the supplies while out shopping at Home Sense and at Michaels last week. At both places, the various bouquet items were 50% off which is perhaps justification for procrastinating Christmas. The bits and pieces that I picked were quite large so I also bought a larger vase at WalMart but only after...

... looking at Habitat For Humanity's Re-Store first. There was no vase but I did find these FABULOUS purple chairs for the living room. The legs are slightly off in my opinion - more waiting room than living room - so if I can't find some others to replace them with, I'll paint them black BUT... the fabric does not need painting and the colour is perfect and these are staying. I love them already.


Instead of rocks, sand, glass beads or some other commonly used filler for the bottom of the vase, I used these silver branches turned upside down. MUCH less expensive and sparkly.

I think this is a lily.  Not being a flower person, I'm not sure but I LOVED the colour and the circular globe in the middle. I intended to build the bouquet around this focal flower and...

... these supporting white poinsettias but as you can see not only did the vase change, so did the flowers. In the end, I used purple poinsettias, a smaller vase, a sparkly lime ribbon made from a strip of fabric in my stash and some additional foliage that incorporates both silver and gold sparkles to blend the other elements.

I'm quite pleased with how the bouquet turned out and I think it brightens the space which is still suffering from recent painting. The lime walls were previously a dark green. They stayed blank because I wanted to hang a different art piece to the right of the door which is why in the studio, I am currently painting a 24" x 48" gallery wrapped canvas so I can center and mount the textile piece below - Pick Me.

This piece - along with several others - have been in storage since we moved in March 2012. I'm still figuring out what I want where which is the longest move in I've ever experienced. Perhaps this is more shuffle than move-in. The delay with this piece was the canvas. Although it's been years since I started using them, I'm still thrilled with what a difference using canvasses made to my textile art. It gives them more presence and form and dimension plus a canvas is recognizable. A hammer, two nails, and hang. Using canvasses made the difference between my work being seen as "quilt" and as art. When I have the piece in place, I'll take another picture so you can see.

AND... I finished up some knitting including the edges on a few scarves that were knit recently. I started this teal one at the drop-in in Diane's studio back in September and finished the main body of it a few days later. It is an easy garter stitch project, perfect for talking and knitting with friends only...

... the edges are quite plain so I added a picot edge using crochet. Funny how something so simple can make such a tremendous difference. I'm glad I added it.

On Saturday, I made a stir fry for dinner and added this and that until the flavour was just right. When I talked to a friend who is incredibly passionate about food, he said he uses that same put together, taste, add, taste, add, taste routine to develop his dishes and approved of the selection I'd made. He said I'd intuitively created the balance of flavours from some particular area - I think it was the West Indies but I'm not sure. It struck me that that's the same step-by-step approach I use for creating textile art... and wearable art... and bouquets... and finishing rooms... it's an everywhere in everything approach. I like that.

Yesterday was very damp and cold. The temperature wasn't that bad but the damp seemed to go right for the bones so Miss Chloe and I didn't go for the long walk. Instead, we curled up by the fire - her quite literally - and spent a quiet afternoon. She stays on the hearth until she's warm enough, sometimes turning around to warm up the other side, and then moves to the carpet still quite close to the fire. It's a gas fire. I imagine if it was wood she wouldn't like the sound of it. LOL - such the life.

Last night, I intended to write out my thoughts for my current creativity coaching assignment only we had some friends drop by for coffee - a lovely treat - so I need to finish that project this morning instead. It's tickling the loudest. Tonight, Howard and I are wrapping Christmas presents and getting the package for our daughter and her family sent off. Once that's done, there's only our tree decorating party on Wednesday and our Christmas day and dinner to organize and everything else is in order. I'm glad. I dislike stressful Decembers.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - We've incorporated my weight goals into my creativity coaching sessions. I weigh and measure myself ever two weeks and send the information to Diane along with my assignment. In the past six weeks, I have lost twelve pounds - almost all of the medical weight. YES YES. This protocol is working well for me.

Success is not a race, be patient. Success leads to success. Success is always a work in progress. Success doesn't come to you, you go to it. Success is a journey, not a destination. Focus on the process. Some people dream about success, others wake up and work hard at it. Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying. Every day is a good day to succeed. If at first you don't succeed, try again. 
- unknown


  1. Those purple chairs are a great find! I kind of like the blond wood legs. I think it gives a rather traditional wing chairclub chair a bit of a modern edge.

    1. The style of the legs doesn't bother me as much as the colour. I think it would have the same effect even if they were black. We'll see. Perhaps I'll stop noticing.

  2. Those chairs are a great find - obviously put there just for you! Since you have such a great eye for color, maybe you could just paint a little whimsy on those legs, incorporating your lime green along with other vibrant colors.

    1. LOL - once I saw them, I couldn't see anything else. HAD to bring them home. I thought about adding some whimsy like you're describing. It wouldn't be until the new year so I have time to think.

  3. Congratulations on the PURPLE CHAIRS!!!! that is an impressive acquisition. they were clearly just sitting there waiting for you to come along and give them a home!!! And "Pick Me" is really beautiful!

    1. LOL - I know. They were screaming at me from across the room. Once we made "eye contact" there was no going back - love at first sight. Pick Me is a fun piece. I enjoyed making it and I really like the simplicity.


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