Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hand Sewing Running Stitches

Yesterday ended up a lot busier than I thought. Iit was well after two o'clock before I got back to the studio to write this post and much later before I was able to start working again which means...

... that this morning I am mostly likely hand sewing running stitches. In the end, I chose The Sewing Workshop's Trio Pant pattern because I'd already traced and adjusted the pattern and knew that it fit me although with all the changes I've made, it's not much like the original. Previously, I'd eliminated the big pockets, slimmed down the ease, and added some tucks at the side hem and this time I also lengthened the pant legs to full length and added an additional seam to the front. I wanted to create strong vertical lines with seams. At first, I planned to use top-stitching to make the seams stand out and made several samples only none of them were strong enough so I tried running stitches with black pearl cotton and - LOL - naturally that's the one. Me - who isn't the fondest of hand work.

To sew the seams, I started by trimming off 1/8" while serge finishing the edges and then stitched at 1/2" and pressed the seam allowances open. I'll sew the running stitch from the wrong side stitching directly beside the serged finish which will keep it equal distance from the seam line. There are two sides of six seams - or twelve lines in total - to hand stitch. I could be at this for a while.

While I'm working on this first Sew Expo outfit, I'm thinking about the other two I'll need. One will be sewn using a paisley printed denim that I bought two years ago at an earlier event. The gold color is an orange tone and the complimentary color of that is...

... turquoise. Including the compliment, will make the design of the paisley sparkle and stand out even more. The plan is to to sew the paisley denim into a pair of Burda 8157 jeans and pair it with a simple t-shirt and a softly draping turquoise scarf. Several of the women at knitting have made the...

... Noel scarf by Paulina Popiolek. It's quite lovely with the combination of garter and eyelet stitches and the picot edge. I haven't decided what color the t-shirt will be. That's for later. First the pants and top I'm on and then the paisley jeans and scarf first and from there I can decide what they need. It suddenly feels like I need to get a move on it - Sew Expo is only a month away.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - peaceful morning walks

If you do what you love to do, then you won't do it in an average way. 
- Angela Bassett


  1. I too am excited to attend the Sewing Expo. It will be my first and probably only time. I am flying in from Toronto. I have great plans for new clothes but life gets in the way. I know that you will get your outfit done for the show.

    1. What fun that you're going. I'm sure you'll have a great time. There is SO MUCH to see. It can be a bit overwhelming so I'd recommend planning for breaks and breathing moments. Say hi if you see me.


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