Thursday, January 15, 2015

Like The Yarn Harlot Not Knitting

Most of us know when we're avoiding what we don't want to deal with and we manage to shove it to the corner - like that elephant - and with a little rationalizing here and there, just ignore it. And then it sneaks up and sort of whams you right in the face. I was procrastinating at the computer on Tuesday and casually in the back of my mind wondering why I seem to be having so much trouble getting anything done in the studio lately and the thought it's too much pressure in here popped into my head. WHAT!

I mentioned it to a friend at knitting that night and we had the usual everyone needs a break now and then and you're being too hard on yourself and don't worry it will all work out conversation until I said me not sewing is like the Yarn Harlot not knitting.  She said OH, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh, well then, that's not good.

The great thing about thoughts like that is that you can do something about them. I decided to pressure down and sew something simple and doable. Pajama pants. Cut, sew, and in about an hour you're done. This is good. I used a rayon blend knit that I bought in Calgary about this time last year when I was there painting my daughter's house. It has a beautful hand and drape and...

... is - unfortunately - a fabulous colour printed over a white background. When the seams are pressed, they show white. The same thing happened with the purple version. And with the black and white version only with the black and white, it hides better. I will make a wear out in public t-shirt with the white and a....

... wearable muslin of Marcy's Vogue 9057 with the rest of the pink to test the pattern. It'll be the pajama top. I'll have matchy-matchy pajamas. SO not normal for me. I think there's enough and if not, I'll piece it... perhaps in an asymmetrical design since that's what I'm exploring.

I did three not so exciting sketches yesterday but they are sketches on paper and this is a beginning. Right now, I'd rather play with fabric. And buy fabric. Which is what often happens when I'm having a non-sewing stretch although I've never had one this long. I wonder - LOL - does that mean I need to buy LOTS of fabric?

I rarely buy fabric on-line but when I do, one of my favourite places to start looking is in the Buy of the Week and End Cuts sections at This light-weight sweater knit has a black background and dime sized ivory dots. I'm glad the size was noted because they looked HUGE to me at first. Dime sized is okay as is uber soft, lovely drape with a 4 way stretch and good recovery and minimal rolling at the cut edge.

Under the link Beautiful Basics was this Black Out Knit. I want to sew several black t-shirts for my summer travel wardrobe. This yardage was wider and less expensive that the black knit we have locally and had a magic word in the description - anti-pill. I just hate when I invest time, money, and energy into a garment and the first time I wear it, there are little balls forming under my armpits or necklace. AND THEN...

... some imperial purple Parisian micro fibre knit, which sounds terribly impressive. The description sold me again - Back in stock. One of our most popular basic knits is now available in colors and prints. This a rich jewel toned royal purple. Fluid and beautiful, this is an appealing 'liquid' knit that will be easy to sew and wear....great for travel and wardrobe building. Back in stock means it sells. One of our most popular basic knits means people come back for more. That equals a good fabric in my mind and great for travel and wardrobe building is exactly what I was thinking. A basic. I'll look for more of this at Sew Expo. I wanted to see the other colours in person.

This afternoon, I'm at a friends's knitting. This morning, after journal writing, I need to clean house, grocery shop, and baby proof. My daughter, son-in-law, and grandson are arriving tomorrow and  I'm looking forward to some snuggles. In-between, I'll start on the wearable muslin pajama top.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - motivating thoughts that pop into my head and can be dealt with

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls, and coal into diamonds using time and pressure. He's working on you too. 
- Rick Warren


  1. For me there are two things that keep me from doing the activities I want to be doing— either it is too challenging (I'm afraid of failing) or it's not challenging enough (I feel like I'll just be doing the same old thing.) Sometimes these meld into the same thing— I want to do something new but I'm afraid it will end up being the same old thing. I also sometimes turn to shopping when I feel unmotivated to create but its usually a mistake for me. It doesn't remove whatever is blocking me which is usually a combination of fear and lack of imagination. The other approach— doing something "low risk" with materials I don't care too much about, and allowing myself to play— is usually better. That, and a coach or friend who expects you to create something!

    1. Yes. Exactly. Isn't it amazing how difficult it can be to play and how much pressure we can put on ourselves to perform in some way and all those expectations? The monkeys in our heads as Claire says. Low risk was exactly what I thought I needed. I was just looking at the envelope pattern for the t-shirt while waiting for the computer and drawing imaginary lines for an asymmetrical interpretation and that was... fun. Somewhere between idea and execution the trouble begins. A coach... a friend... and a blog that expects you to create something - are all good. A little kick in the pants.


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