Friday, January 16, 2015

The Wee Small Hurricane

The flight from Calgary arrives rather early in the scope of my morning routine. I had to choose between blogging and journal writing this morning before heading to the airport. I chose journal writing but now that the parents are prone on the couch and the wee small hurricane is pulling my kitchen cupboards apart, I have time for a quick posting. Not what I'd had planned. We'll talk about that next week. Today...

... we can talk about my adorable grandson and his insatiable curiosity. Here he's trying to grab the camera - let me see that Grandma - and here...

... he's trying on my glasses - how do you see with these things Grandma? - and all around us are the toys and the tupperware and the pots and the pans and anything else available for baby fodder. The dog dish has been emptied. The puppy basket filled with toys. The blinds are pulled up and secured. And the plants and decor items have found a safer location while the foot board from the guest room bed and the trunk from the living room have become a baby gate across the stairway. My house no longer looks like my house.

I'm fascinated in the way that a grandparent is fascinated - and a parent is too tired to appreciate - by the wonder of a child. I'm reminded to let my inner child out, to explore with insatiable curiosity, to find endless amazement in the smallest of things, to use the brick and brack of my life to build the biggest of castles, to giggle and laugh and enjoy. I'm sure it's no coincidence that that was the subject of my study as well.

The kitchen counter is now covered with glass bowls and sharp food processor and blender blades that little ones shouldn't play with but... before that... I did get a picture of the sort of finished kitchen. We're a bit frustrated with the caulking. We asked a friend to help us and he had this "new and improved" tool that supposedly created a smoother line only it also created two ridges top and bottom of the line that were then supposed to be cut away. Cutting away wrecks the paint finish. Scrapping off wrecks the paint finish. Just about any way we can figure out to get rid of the extra caulking wrecks the paint finish so I'll be doing some touch ups and even so - silver and black is better than brown.

The counter-top is no longer a solid, shiny black. It has flecks of colour and even so, it's still possible to fixate on crumbs and watermarks. I'm not sure I'd ever do the black and white kitchen thing again but for now - it's great.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - snuggles and giggles

All grandchildren are brilliant, beautiful, and take after their Grandmother. 
- unknown


  1. Ha ha ha, sounds like my house. At least the parents prone on the couch part. The kitchen looks fabulous from here.

  2. He is such a sweetie, I cannot believe how he has grown. Lucy you.

  3. Excellent photos!! I really love the first one, so well composed with that wide open hand out in the world grabbing at things, just like his brain is grabbing at things! Well done Granny Myrna!!!


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