Monday, February 16, 2015

It's Not Part Of The Party

This weekend, I tried an experiment and the results were quite telling. On Saturday, I put on a type four make-up and clothing and then went to journal. Several people thought I'd changed my glasses. Some said you're wearing make-up today which is quite hilarious since I'm wearing make-up every day and one said you look pretty, no not pretty... hmm... what's the word? I asked striking? YES!

When I got home, I put on my very type four windbreaker and went for a walk. I came across a young family with a toddler. When I inquired about his age, he was almost two just like my grandson and when I mentioned that, the Dad stopped, looked at me, and said you don't look nearly old enough to be a grandma. Thanks. I'll take that.

As I mentioned in the comments, I sent an email Thursday asking for help clarifying what type I am. The auto reply indicates that you will receive a response within 24 hours. I have still not received a response. That is SO ANNOYING and being annoyed over something like this is very type four. SO is...

... being less than impressed with the content of the paid portion of the site - Dressing Your Truth. I can only speak to the type 4 information since that's all I had access to but I found the modules less than best. Five of them are the make-over of the same woman labelled transformation 1, 2, 3, 4, and conclusion. I thought that would be four different transformations and a wrap up for the course rather than watching one woman get made over with minimal detail.

Several of the modules are basically ads for products. One is a make-up lesson without close-ups or illustrations. You get to watch their very young, type four assistant put on her make-up and say she's happy. This does not address the dynamics of age nor does it address the dynamics of fashion personality. As one comment noted, the list of words seems contradictory and it stands to reason that a conservative type four would do her make-up differently than a more dramatic type four. And her hair.

There was information on curly hair that I didn't look at since I don't have curly hair but otherwise the main advice for hairstyle was to get a blunt cut like a bob. There was one picture of a woman with short hair and no explanation of how to choose a short haircut AND... which I really wanted to know... no information on wearing glasses. It was noted that a type four finds too much jewelry too much and will wear either a necklace or earrings but typically not both. WHAT IF she also has to wear glasses? How does she choose?

There is no advice about  how to evolve your current wardrobe without buying all new clothes and absolutely no information on figure type in the modules so the suggestion to wear big bold stripes, the bigger the better, is not tempered with information about where to place those stripes or where not to. It is noted that with their parallel features type fours should wear parallel lines and avoid asymmetry without noting that if you are a dramatic type four, asymmetry will make you even more dramatic or that you might not want a bunch of parallel horizontal stripes across wide hips. SO....

... there's my feedback. I'm a four. You can tell by my being less than impressed, by my seeing exactly how to make the course better, and by my annoyance at their lack of reply - within their own stated time frame - to my questions. If the product was returnable, I would return it. If you're interested in this subject - and especially with the goal of combining it with sewing - there are far better resources. I would suggest reading what you can get for free and then doing more research. How we dress is a combination of our colouring, our bone structure, our figure type, and our fashion personality combined with our life style and our psychological make-up. It's far beyond simply wearing intense bold colours and straight lines. HOWEVER... to be fair...

... while none of this information was new, it did re-connect me with a part of myself that I'd let go. I've always loved that immaculate make-up and not a hair out of place look and I just wasn't bothering. The response I got on Saturday to making the effort was worth the effort. And the timing was great coming as it did right when I am wardrobe planning. Is that worth the price of the course? Even reduced from $267 to $99, I don't think so. Perhaps the information I wanted is elsewhere but if so, I wasn't impressed enough to keep looking and it wasn't obvious that I should. In reality, the free info had already moved me forward and I was looking for more depth. Sadly, the modules didn't deliver it for me. Being reconnected did help with choices on Saturday when...

... I pulled out of my stash any fabric that I thought might work as part of my cruise collection. This was a much higher pile than I had expected. I knew that not every fabric would work but I also knew that by pulling them out I would be able to see what I had and - hopefully - make the wisest choices.

I sorted the larger pile into smaller piles by color and by woven or knit prints. Some fabrics eliminated themselves right away because they didn't play nicely with the rest of the collection - the orange print being one of them. I LOVE that print and I will sew something with it but it won't work as part of the collection. Neither will that bright pink knit. It's great and I plan to make a top with it this week but it's not part of the party.

Once I had the fabrics sorted, I worked with the checklist to find a fabric for each item. At this point, I wasn't measuring the yardage but I was eyeballing it and some pieces went back into the stash because there wasn't enough fabric for the garment. In the end, I was only short fabric for three garments - two white knit tops and one aqua knit top - and I'd like to replace the fabric for two garments with a different version if possible but it's not critical. What I need and what I'd like to replace went on my shopping list for Sew Expo.

On Sunday, I began pairing fabric and pattern. For each garment, I pasted a swatch of fabric into my journal and then wrote the pattern number and fabric requirement... just in case what I chose doesn't work out. I also checked to make sure I had enough fabric for the pattern and - LOL - made an attempt at drawing a diagram of the garment. I thought this might help to develop my drawing skills. This morning, I'll finish pairing fabric and pattern and then put the piles in sewing order from the least to the most fitted. I don't think I'll start sewing these garments until after I get back from Sew Expo. I have a few things to finish first but having the outline together is fabulous and gives me a clear idea of what I need to buy and do.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - that I already owned almost all of the fabric I needed

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love, and to work and play, and to look up at the stars. 
- Henry van Dyke


  1. What perfect timing you have, Myrna! I had the Dressing your Truth website open all day yesterday. Kept coming back to it and sort of poking around. It took several tries before I could even find the spot where they actually stated the cost of the purchased version. I still want to look at te free bits, but am thankful for your comments about the purchased piece.which I will forego.
    Thank you for all you share!

    1. The free bits are worth exploring and she has a blog - thecarolblog I think - that gives a fair amount of information but I learned far more from Color Me Beautiful, The Triumph of Individual Style, Looking Good, and Nothing To Wear. That may be part of the problem. I'm hard to impress since I've researched this topic thoroughly. As I said, the HUGE takeaway was to re-connect me. Just doing my make-up correctly has perked up my being. This is good.

  2. I looked at this course last year and passed on the paid portion. They do have a 60 day money back guarantee, so maybe you should ask for a refund. I still think it's Carole Jackson's "Color Me Beautiful" in another format. My 2 cents. I did enjoy exploring the concepts and doing the exercises, but I think I knew my type before I started. It does sound like it's helping you refine what you already know about yourself.

    1. I've been waffling on asking for the refund partly because I don't want to "argue my case" and partly because the information did focus me in on what I needed to know BUT it was more re-connecting than new information and not nearly extensive or thorough enough for the type four personality. I'm an under-promise, over-deliver kind of person and I would think an understanding of a type four would lead to that type of presentation. It certainly didn't answer some key questions I had - like glass. I agree that it's a version of Color Me Beautiful combined with personality tests like Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic. There are direct correlations between their number and the CMB season and the personality type. It did help me refine what I already knew and that's providing a lot of surety and excitement.

  3. Ok, Myrna, now you are behaving true to type 4. No one is more knowledgable about you and no one can convince you otherwise. So far be it for me to try.

    My experience only ok?

    The 99$ was worth it for me. With that you get her book and a small color palate that fits into your wallet, and a larger color palate to hang on your bulletin board in your sewing room.

    You get the full coarse with many,many tips and lessons. You also get access to all of their club nite broadcasts over the years.

    Not a lot of info on size or fitting at all. More generalized info on types of jewelry, types of fabric, styling and generalized info on lines and drape or no drape. Lots of hairstyling tips, makeup lessons, dying your clothes to get the right colors, dying and changing up your fabrics to make them work.

    Everyone is different and all type 4 s do not dress the same or look the same.

    One of the best type 4 woman who also blogs and dresses true to herself is A Fool for Fabric. I am sure she has never ever taken the course at all and has just evolved her style on her own. All type 4 people will evolve their own style anyway.

    For me the differences where subtle. I of course changed up my colors, but also looked at myself differently. I became more accepting of who I was and stopped judging myself. I also stopped buying patterns that where obviously wrong. I would make up waterfall sweaters and lovely cowl necked shirts. They where lovely and well made and NEVER worn. I could never figure out just why? Now I only buy patterns that fall into my guidelines based on my interpretation of the rules within this system.

    I figure in the last 2 1/2 years I have saved $99 in patterns that will never be worn and fabric that is not quite right.

    1. LOL - and here's my very four reply. Too funny.

      I think her book might be less expensive and more valuable than the on-line course. Watching the videos did not convince me to look through the site further and I think for a type four that would have been an important perspective including links so we were encouraged to look further rather than disappointed. At least that's how I felt. I'm not interested in endless searching and more research. I want to take the information and run. I'm not one for on-line chat groups and teleconferencing and things like that so I wasn't interested in that part. I would guess that I'm a secondary three.

      The info on dying clothes and changing up fabrics was alluded to in one of the confirming your type videos but not mentioned or linked to in my type four videos. I was particularly interested in that information and disappointed not to be directed to it.

      I think there needs to be more variety of expression worked into the modules for this type. It's far more expansive than they discussed. For instance, you're saying that you no longer wear waterfall sweaters but actually you can depending on how much fabric is in the fall. The opening is two parallel lines falling vertically which is quite flattering and the angles are mirror images of each other. They both soften and add more drama at the same time and would be highly flattering to larger hips BUT... the key is not too much fabric. As soon as that happens, we're overwhelmed. I thought their demonstration failed to take into account the desire to be unique that they said is common to type four.

      LOL - this has not saved me money. I bought new brighter make-up, earrings, and cleaned out my stash to eliminate all the fabrics that didn't work - four bags. At the moment, it's costing me money BUT... it has also focused me much better to look at something and say yes that works or no it doesn't - very black and white. All good. THANK YOU for mentioning this site. It has certainly reconnected me with me.

    2. OH and... I meant to say that the proportions of the waterfall sweater - and any garment - would be important. Too long looks like too much fabric so it overwhelms.

  4. I am wary of internet classes or seminars like this one. I visited the site after you mentioned it in your last post and was less than impressed. I am sorry that you didn't get what you expected from it. I will say that I am a definitely a type 4 though I have none of the colors that you have in your stash, or at least the pieces you pulled for your cruise wardrobe.

    1. I've taught internet classes and they were highly extensive. My feedback was always that the student received far more than they anticipated. I think that's because I'm writing and teaching from my under-promise over-deliver perspective. One of my students and I both took the same workshop at the same time with a big name creativity guru and she said she was so disappointed and had gotten far more out of my workshop. That's was a lovely compliment.

      YES... I'm more drawn to the pink, blue, greens and you are more black, white, red. I wear a lot of shades versus pure hues although I'm making a pure pink top right now and about to try a white t-shirt. I haven't worn white in a "million" years.

  5. Like Nancy K, I also visited the site after you mentioned it in your last post. When I couldn't find the kind of specifics I was looking for, and when the only constant I could see in the makeovers was a more fashionable haircut, I gave up. (The clothing changes in the makeovers were generally impressive improvements, but I couldn't see any consistent themes.) I totally agree with the idea of dressing one's truth, but I concluded that this product isn't going to help me. Thanks so much for trying it out and writing a great (and very fair) review. (I also HATE it when websites promise a reply and then don't deliver.)

    Hope to see you at Expo!

    1. I think I may have to be careful about mentioning something until I've explored it far enough to have an opinion versus an interest. I would hate to lead anyone astray. I hope to see you at Expo too. Be sure to say hi and let me know who you are. I'll need help connecting the dots. I'll be there Thurs, Fri, and Sat.

  6. Sorry you were disappointed.

    I, too, went and looked at that website. It looked intriguing. I was contemplating paying for it, but thought I would check some reviews first.
    When I saw the (unpaid) reviews, it was a little concerning. Customer service didn't seem to be the finest...and there seemed to be some pretty upset people out there.

    It's too bad. It has the potential to be a great site, but appears not to have lived up to expectations.

    Two blogs I really like right now for the kind of things you're talking about are The Vivienne Files, and Inside Out. Inside Out has recently been running a series on light/dark values, high contrast vs low contrast (and why it works or doesn't work for you). She also has some really nice stuff in her archives...proportions, jewelry choices, shoes, etc.

    1. I was disappointed in one way and not in another because it did send me to my bookshelf to pull out my more extensive information and re-connect and I've brightened up my make-up and put on some earrings and I"m feeling like a million bucks. Could I have done that without paying the money, I don't know. The site does have great potential and - like you - I think it failed to meet expectations. I read The Vivienne Files but not Inside Out. I'll look it up. Thanks.

  7. Speaking of promising a reply and not delivering....doctors are the worst! I've been having some serious health issues recently which has involved seeing a *number* of different specialists, and a number of invasive procedures/tests.

    Each doctor tells me that he/she will for sure contact me with the results. And how would I like that contact? Phone? Email? Their on-line system? Text?
    I always tell them I do not want to even have this conversation because they will not contact me. I know this. Every one of them earnestly tells me that *they* won't be like those other ones. They'll call me. Promise.

    Uh huh. I have yet to have one of them call me. Soooo frustrating.

    One guy, when I finally called him 4 days later, they never heard of him. After talking to SIX different people, who had never heard of him, I was really starting to wonder if I'd had my surgery done by some homeless guy off the street.
    Finally I reach someone who says, oh yeah, I know who he is. But he's not in this week, and no one else can tell you the results.

    Never mind. I'll be outside banging my head on the brick wall.

    1. If you're seeing that many doctors and getting that many non-replies, could you please pad that brick wall. I want you to take good care of you. From the caregiver's perspective, I know how stressful those endless appointments can be never mind as the individual needing that information. HUGS. I wish you well.

  8. Here's how to pack for your trip: Lay out all the clothes you plan to take in a pile on the bed. Lay out all the money you plan to take in a pile next to the clothes. Put half the clothes back in your closet. Double the pile of money.

    If you follow that simple packing rule, you don't even have to make as many pieces as you thought. ;>)

    Thanks for the thorough review. I kinda suspected that from first looking at the site.

    1. LOL - too funny. I doubt I'm going to pack all these clothes but sewing them is good. I have a lot of holes in my closet right now that could use filling. I like the double the money concept, just wish it was magic.

  9. Thanks for your candid review of that website. I looked at it again and came to a similar conclusion. Also, highly commercial sites like that tend to turn me off. As does being categorized so narrowly. Will second the endorsement of Imogen Lamport's site, Inside Out Style. If I had to choose only one style site, it would be Imogen's. She is lovely and practical and very detail-oriented in her approach.

    1. You're welcome. Categorizing is a fact of life and I always find elements of truth in every personality type test BUT.. I agree.... I dislike narrow categories. I like to take the learning and apply it to being more uniquely myself. I wrote about some of that for tomorrow's posting. I'll check out Imogen's site.


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