Tuesday, February 3, 2015

There's Something About February

The winter weeks, after Christmas and before spring, are my favourite time of year in the studio. I find them incredibly productive and a great time for learning about myself and making shifts in how I move through life. And there's something about February that really steps it up a notch. It's as if my mind is free and I'm available and energized for change. Last year, I cut my hair short. This year...

... I'm in major wardrobe overhaul mode. While I didn't scoop up my entire wardrobe and move it along, I did go through my closet yesterday and clean, clean, clean. Sixteen items moved on to new homes. Ten will be refashioned. Three will be altered to fit better. And three went into the I don't know we'll see box. If I don't dig them back out before sorting out my spring and summer clothing, they'll move along then.

Now, there are twenty-six full hangers and thirty-six empty ones in my closet, some garments folded on the shelves, and a lot of open space. It feels FABULOUS. What's left is enough to clothe the body while opening up flow AND... bonus... I found a skirt and a pair of pants in my Other Sizes box that I could wear to Sew Expo if I sewed a top to go with and one of my dresses would be perfect if I found the right - read comfortable and flattering - shoes. And that's good because...

... my sewing hit an interesting snag yesterday morning. Above is the Butterick 5891 top. I planned to add sleeves but as you can see at left, sleeves make it look less wonderful while sleeveless is much more flattering. I'd read that bare shoulders were flattering to pear shaped figures. I've never really felt comfortable with bare shoulders but think these photos illustrate that point quite well. There may be wall push-ups in my bicep's future - LOL.

The pants are The Myrna Pants - which are the Trio pants, lengthened, minus the pocket, plus an extra seam, plus tucks. I'll get closer photos later when I figure out what to wear with them because I won't be going sleeveless this time of year and I can't see that top with a cardigan over it PLUS... now that it's not going to have sleeves, I'm rethinking some things. The shoes I'm wearing with the pants are my studio shoes. In real life, I'll need a higher heel. Plus I need to take the pants in at center front. I haven't even worn them yet and - LOL - they need altering. Above, the seam is pinned tighter. I lost some tummy.

What I cleared out is basically what I wasn't wearing. That works because it opens up flow and potential and illustrates the truth. It's just not possible to throw out my entire wardrobe. There's no magic wand or fairy Godmother nor an endless amount of time or money BUT... it is possible to move my wardrobe in the direction of awareness with some subtle changes. Scarves to go with the black t-shirts. New buttons, possible top stitching, and even a colourful collar to jazz up my winter coat. Added pieces with more flare. And accessories. This is probably completely scary to some of you. For me it's SO FUN. For instance...

... I had five t-shirts from a great quality cotton that had a not so great fit. I'd bought them in a moment of clothes-less-ness. Now, I want to combine two or more of them into one or more t-shirts with a flattering shape. Instead of unworn clothing. they've become a design challenge. MUCH better. I can always add more fabric especially after I clean the stash and know for sure what I have. That's...

...my next task - a thorough clean of the stash. I want to see what's there, figure out what else I'm sewing for Sew Expo, and start putting together ideas for the cruise collection. If I clean first and think while I sew, by the time I get to shopping I'll have a pretty good plan. I am more than open to additional feedback. THANK YOU so much for all the advice yesterday. It's much appreciated.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - learning through photography, feedback

No matter what challenge you may be facing, you must remember that while the canvas of your life is painted with daily experiences, behaviors, reactions, and emotions, you're the one controlling the brush.  ... we are all the artists of our own lives.  ... we can use as many colors and brushstrokes as we like. 
- Oprah Winfrey


  1. I did that last year and it was awesome. It opened up the space to really know what I wanted to wear. Plus it made me a little giddy. Have more fun!!!

    1. LOL - it's hard to explain to someone who doesn't get that giddy feeling of potential. Thanks.

  2. Good job cleaning out that closet! I'm impressed.

    For shoes - We have a store near me called The Walking Company. I think it's a chain, and they sell comfortable shoes with various colors, sizes and shapes. They may be too conservative for you, but you never know. If you don't have that store or one like it, they're online as well as in a few spots between you and Expo.

    1. LOL - I'm really good at cleaning out; not so great at filling up but I'm really enjoying Janice's plan that I talked about in today's posting. It's making feel confident about what I need to do next. This is good.


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