Monday, March 16, 2015

The Collar - Butterick 5678

This posting may be review for those of you who have read my blog for quite a while - as in years - because I know I've shown how I sew on the collar before and I also know that I haven't sewn a collar in over two years. SO... if you've seen it before, I'm sorry, and if you haven't seen it before, this is a fabulous method BUT FIRST...

... I started making the collar by fusing interfacing to the back of two long sections of fabric, one each for the collar and the collar stand, and then I mixed purple and black fabric paint to get the color I wanted and used two different stencils to print the fabric.

Next, I placed the painted fabric over another layer and used the pattern pieces to cut out the collar and collar stand.

I like to fuse any pieces that require interfacing before cutting the pattern pieces out and if there is one interfaced layer and one non-interfaced layer - as there is with a collar - I cut them out at the same time once the one layer has been interfaced. I find this results in clean cut pieces that haven't been deformed in any way as can happen when fusing interfacing to a pre-cut piece.

I sew the collar stand to the neckline by placing the right side of the stand together with the wrong side of the neckline. When the neckline is open and the collar folded outward, the sewn edge is the visible edge and the hand stitched edge is underneath the collar. As you can see, I only printed the top layer of the collar and the inside layer of the collar stand.

The collar is then basted right sides together to the single layer of the collar stand with a 4/8" seam allowance before the second layer is sewn in place with a 5/8" seam allowance.

When the collar is folded down and the neckline is open, as a blouse is typically worn, the machine sewn edges are visible along with the printed fabric and...

... the hand sewn edge is underneath the collar. I've been sewing collars on like this for longer than I can remember - LOL - when I sew collars that is. It just makes sense.

Talk soon - Myrna

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  1. Wow - great tutorial, and it makes me feel like I could attempt a real shirt collar. Those painted fabrics are just beautiful together. How did you get that snakeskin-honeycomb-ish look? I can't wait to see the finished garment!

    1. Definitely you could attempt you. We learn to do by doing so make a sample or two and see what happens. You'll get there.

      The stencil was a piece of perforated ribbon. I'm not sure what the actual name for it is. I think it's the left over when they pop out some confetti. I'll put a picture of it in tomorrow's posting so you can see.

  2. Coolio, Myrna! I'm saving this technique! Thanks.


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