Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Jewelry Day

After my longer is possibly better hemline epiphany, I had a chat with myself along the lines of not everything is wrong, build on what you know, pick what feels comfortable. I decided to sew a pencil skirt in denim with a buttoned opening at center front. I'm very comfortable in this style of skirt. I love denim. And the buttons and seaming will provide a strong vertical line that is slimming. It's a dark denim that will be very wearable on the cruise - not too casual, not too fancy - and the colour and shape will go well with all the tops I've sewn already

The pattern I'm using is out of print McCall's 3830, the longest length. I'm working on that for my hour this morning and then I have journal writing and two appointments and then...

... it's jewelry day. When I had my coaching call with Diane on Monday, I asked her to give me a jewelry assignment rather than a sewing one because my sewing is concentrated on the cruise right now and because I really want to get started with the jewelry. The studio is almost ready depending which direction you look in - LOL.

My yarn and knitting supplies are stored in the armoire and the jewelry making supplies are in the closet where I've built a work table. Both close away to keep the room neat, clean, and multi-purpose. Yesterday, my friend curled up in the chair while I sat on the couch and we knit and talked for three hours. It's a very comfortable space except...

... it's not quite ready. This wall needs some pictures and all that stuff on the desk needs to find a home in the closet. The desk is painted except for that middle drawer that was being repaired when I painted the rest of it. After the fact painting is tough doing. I think once I start actually to make some pieces I'll be more motivated but for today, I'll scoop all that stuff into a box and start working on my assignment - a brooch.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - my grandson is two today. Happy Birthday Daimon. Grandma loves you LOTS and LOTS and LOTS and....

Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle, hug and hope, pray and pamper, boast and brag... for they shall be called Grandmothers. 
- unknown

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  1. Louise Cuttings guide for skirt and pant length is divide the measurement from your mid knee to the floor into 3. Use one of those thirds as your length.


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