Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Magpie Sewing

I realized late Sunday night that although I'd thought about what to write, I hadn't actually written it and at the last minute just didn't seem a good idea. I try to put a bit of thought into how things are organized even if....

... I don't pretty up for the pictures. Here's the jacket without buttons along with what I was wearing at the time. There weren't any buttons in town that worked so it may be a while before I finish this. I like it and I'll sew it again only next time I'll either make the sleeves shorter or longer and make the body slightly shorter. It's not great with these jeans. It could look nice over a dress or with a longer top.

Longer is a topic that's been coming up quite often lately. It's like I woke up one morning and suddenly all my tops were too short and made my butt look big. Isn't it weird how that happens? You were fine and then suddenly, you're not.

The two tops above - the Rae Pintuck Tunic and the Poplin Empire Top - are from Anthropologie which we don't have in town but I did go snoop shopping on the weekend and try on some longer length blouses to see what I thought. They felt more comfortable - like they were covering things up in a more flattering way. I'm looking forward to sewing a few.

One aspect of sewing I'm becoming increasingly aware of is my vertical measurements. I've already spent quite a bit of time on that with upper garments and found that my center front and center back lengths, shoulder to bust point length, and underarm depth were really critical to getting good fit and to having the curves of the garment match the curves on my body.

I'm having the same "ah ha" with pants and skirts. I've learned that the top of the waistband needs to sit at my waist and not the bottom of the waistband and that my hip depth is significantly shorter than the pattern. You'll notice that underarm depth and hip depth are not noted on the chart above. That can be frustrating but often I'm taking out 1-1 1/2" for the underarm and 2-3" for the hip depth and then there's the crotch. It's a journey. VBG - a fun one.

Right now, I am magpie sewing which means following shiny objects and sewing whatever takes my fancy.
When I had my coaching session with Diane yesterday, we talked about how important it is for me to relax and have fun, to let things develop rather than try to make them happen, and to explore ideas like longer tops, brighter colors, woven blouses instead of knit t-shirts, funky dresses and... and... and... There are so many possibilities and play is a good idea.

Yesterday, I started the purple pants using Burda 7400. I've sewn this pattern several times and find these pants fun and comfortable. One pair, I wear all the time. Another has been retired. That gives me room for another pair - VBG. The ribbed waist is wasted on me. I don't have that much room between my hips and my rib cage so I use a 1" elastic.

So far, the two pant legs are sewn together complete with the pleats and cuffs. I'll slip stitch the facing in place this morning before stitching the crotch and waist seams. Shaping the crotch to match mine may be the longest part of  sewing this pattern but luckily I'm getting used to that and am making basically the same changes pant to pant. Otherwise, this pattern is a very simple sew... and fun... especially in purple.

Talk soon - Myrna
Grateful - shiny objects

Either you let your life slip away by not doing the things you want to do or you get up and do them. 
- Carl Ally


  1. Your jacket is looking good. I'd like to see it with black pants and matching top/shell. With a print that dramatic I think a solid background is necessary. I'm sure you intend to do so. How fun your coaching sessions with Diane must be! I feel I need someone to push me to try new things instead of mostly using my TNT patterns.

    1. I agree with you that continuity of color under the jacket is really important. Coaching has been a really good choice for me. I've worked through a lot of stuff that isn't necessarily showing up in my sewing yet but is hugely making a difference. In the fall, I intend to look at using TNT patterns more and learning how to really push them. I think there's value in exploring whatever direction tickles your interest.

  2. Those purple pants will look superb with the lime/purple jacket. Look forward to seeing a pic.

    1. They do look fabulous together. I'd need to figure out what top to wear in-between to keep the look together.

  3. The jacket is pretty! I like the Burda pants and the fabric you're making them out of. I agree with you...I like longer tops too (on me).

    1. The pants are fun. Once I get the crotch shaped I'll decide but I think I may as well go ahead and replace the cuff with some slightly longer ones. The fabric is out. It's not all that hard. I'm here now and then I won't always be wondering if they are too short. We'll see. I also cut out a blouse this morning that is calling.


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