Thursday, April 2, 2015

ReMaking The ReMake

The other day when I was looking in my remnant box I found some more of the fuchsia ribbed knit all rolled up in the bottom. Who knew. Apparently not me. I'd forgotten it was there and thought the yardage on the shelf was all that was left. Finding more fabric opened up way more  possibilities for getting this top to work better only I decided to try hemming it differently first.

Diane has been gently nudging me in the direction of more drama so I emailed her the pictures above and asking for some "drama feedback" on remaking the remake. She wrote back that she loved the angled hemline. Oops - that image to the right - it's not pinned up. I'd already cut the hemline was playing with different heights. Based on her feedback and....

... knowing I had more scraps... I decided to be brave and move in radical directions so I cut off the pieced yoke and started playing with other ideas.


Katherine Tilton's Vogue 8691 is my all time favourite t-shirt pattern. I have made more variations of this pattern than any other and every time I look at the cover and see that yellow-ish version with the ruffle that I really dislike, I think what if I hadn't bought it. Imagine? A whole lot of creativity would have been lost. On Saturday, I sewed the version above and - since the pattern pieces were already out...

... yesterday, I started working with them and the scraps. This fabric is a very stable knit with the greatest direction of stretch (which is not much) running opposite to the ribs so I didn't worry about cutting it "off rib" and focused instead on getting the pieces I needed.

I widened the back. This is starting to be a theme. I searched and it's true that walking inclines makes your butt bigger and it's equally true that this unfriendly truth is reflecting itself in my back hips. Apparently, I can be healthier with toned muscles and a bigger butt or I can be less healthy, muscle-less, and have a flatter behind. Really? This should not even be a choice I have to make however, since I'm walking the dog and all we have around here are hills, I guess I'll be widening the back of my tops. At least I don't jiggle - VBG.

I used the same piecing method I talked about in the earlier posting to layer and stitch together the middle front section and then I cut around the piece except for the neck shape. I want to play with it later. I also overlapped the side fronts and side backs with center front and center back and sewed those seams with the same stitching method. Right now, I have the front and the back finished and this morning, I'll stitch the shoulder seams and then determine how to finish the neckline and armhole edges and the hemline. I have ideas. Hopefully it'll be done for tomorrow.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - finding more scraps = more potential

I've given up scale-watching - no longer will I let a number determine how I see myself and whether I'm worthy of a good day. It was an awakening to recognize how shallow and small that made me. You're not your body and for sure you're not your body image. 
- Oprah Winfrey


  1. Your twin photos of the purple top are a vivid comparison; thank you for posting them. They will inform my own sewing decisions. I agree with Dianne; I love the slanting hem and think it's very flattering.

    1. I'm wearing that same top with the diagonal hemline today only it's in a medium gray only slightly different than my jeans. It's much more approachable and I've paired it with an eye catching necklace and earrings. I know I need to play with this a little more and figure out how to make it work for me.

    2. OH... and... remember that the two photos were taken from a different distance with a different angel with different pants. The angle is more flattering but those are factors too. The curved hemline in this top - - is - I hope - more flattering, definitely more flattering than a straight hem. It really is a mix of all the ingredients isn't it?

    3. "It really is a mix of all the ingredients isn't it?" oh Myrna that is so so true! I know lots of people look down their noses at style, but it is very complicated and pulls on so many disciplines and areas of life! Look at all that comes into just a hem of a is a wonder anyone ever gets satisfactorily dressed ;)

  2. Good work by The Stash Fairy! what a nice find :)

    I had to double-check that the hem was the same in your pic that you sent to Diane Ericson as the one in your 'I'm Not In Love" post! The lighting has created an ombre effect in the pic you sent to Diane, softening the line of the angled hem in a really nice way - maybe fun to try with dyes/paint? I notice that your glasses really bring attention to your face as well, they balance the drama of the top quite nicely.

    All this got me thinking (again) about how we use individual clothing items not by themselves but as part of outfits. So i searched YouLookFab for 'how to create drama' and found this fun article on ten ways to do just that:

    heehee, if you look at that list and say: "I'll have three in each section, please!" then you can end up in Advanced Style! Which would be all right with me ;)

    I love your new version of "The Myrna", what a beautiful print! That piecing is looking intriguing, too. Have fun!

    1. LOL - the stash fairy is somewhat like the magic closet. Perhaps I posted the other front image earlier. I took more than one shot. As I said to Carol, I do think I need to play with this line more and figure out how to make it work because it has definitely potential. Thanks for the link. Interesting article and interesting that I already do quite a few of those things. Something to think about. The print top is a good wardrobe workhorse. I think I'll get a lot of wear out of it.

    2. "... I already do quite a few of those things." yes, that's one of the reasons i thought you might be interested :) These kinds of lists can be helpful for identifying one's own preferences, in this case what is your own way of creating drama. There are so many different approaches!

    3. Ah yes... you did that so gently. It's true that for me the garment is not the main "dramatic" because I really enjoy the role of hair, make-up, and jewelry.

  3. Hi Myrna
    This is Sandra Vogel. I'm having trouble sending you a message via my Hotmail at present. Would love to go for coffee soon.


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