Friday, May 22, 2015

A Limiting Experience

Along with all the sewing and workshop supplies and things to amuse me, my suitcase is packed and in the car. I'm viewing this trip as a limiting experience from a variety of ways, giving myself some boundaries. I packed as if for our cruise at the end of June taking seven tops, three cardigans, five pairs of pants, two skirts, a raincoat, three pairs of shoes, and jewelry which weighed 31.6 pounds.

Tat total doesn't include toiletries since I'm packing an overnight bag for my stay in Corvallis tonight. I'll weigh that bag separately this morning and see what the combined total is but whatever it is, I already know that my suitcase is under-big. It'd be hard to get those products in too. Luckily it's smaller than the allowable size so I can look for a larger one.

On this trip, I am taking two coaching sessions, three three-hour workshops, the Design Outside the Lines retreat, and two sewing days with a friend. That a lot of stuff. For the retreat, I packed one small carry-on and for the workshops, I allowed one large zip-lock bag each and for sewing with my friend the raincoat and supplies to finish and the dress pattern she wants to sew after trying on mine on last year. All of that fit into one shopping bag.

My intention for the retreat is to have a refashioning project in progress on the dress form and two other projects to work on while I'm thinking through the next steps. The pile above right is for the refashioning. It starts with a 3X men's shirt. The black eyelet is for Vogue 9112. I had the fabric in stash and decided on it when I saw a white eyelet version of the dress. The subtle stripe linen is for the top I showed yesterday, Butterick 6138. I packed...

... bright pink buttons and DMC pearl cotton for accenting that piece. I think. You never know what direction it'll go in. I also packed black buttons and all sorts of black embellishments. All of my projects can be sewn with black thread which made the serger and sewing threads easy. I did throw in a few other accent colors just in case things don't go pink.

These two pieces are striped linen yardage and a dark blue linen dress. They are for painting and stenciling practice. If I have time. There is obviously more than I need - variety but not a huge excess. This is good.

A few days ago my daughter emailed asking if I wanted a knitting project. I was just thinking about which one to pack so her request came at a great time. She would like a "Campbell's soup can label" red blanket for the nursery. I found a great match.

The knitting, my journal writing supplies, and my laptop are packed along with everything else. I'm looking forward to sitting on the front porch at my delightful B & B and just relaxting. I'm staying at the same place that I stayed last September. It's lovely, quiet and peaceful.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - YES YES - I stayed within my limits!


  1. Sounds like a lovely trip! Hope it's everything you want it to be!!

  2. You are well prepared. I'm anxious to hear about all your sewing adventures!


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