Thursday, May 14, 2015

As Far As I Can Go

Painting the patch fabric started good, evolved to ugly, and eventually settled into usable. Painting on a dark - black - background is vastly different than painting on a lighter one. My favourite lime green ended up poop yellow... which is not the look I was going for... obviously... so I painted over it with more black and then more turquoise and then more silver and then more purple and eventually I'd layered enough. It was good. I started cutting it up.

There are eight 3" x 5 1/4" patches around the hemline and a 5 1/4" x 12" patch on the back. The line through the patch is chalk and will wash off. I used it to center the patch over the dart below. Spray basting held them in place until I'd zigzagged the edges.

The raincoat is for our cruise. I don't want to carry an umbrella so I added a lined hood. I didn't measure but it turned out that I'd painted just enough fabric for the patches and the hood lining. From the side, a bit of the lining shows and from the back...

... it's layered over the back patch. If the hood is up, the rectangle remains. I hope the weather is so good I don't even need to wear the raincoat or if I do that I don't need to use the hood. I'm not a hat girl. It's only there to protect my hair in the times of downpour.

I didn't want to risk a fusible interfacing so I used strips of a stretch dupioni. For the collar, the stretch went around and for the button band it went across. It worked quite well.

These two tone purple barrel buttons were in stash. I bought them a few years ago at Button Button in Vancouver. Every time I've tried to use them in a project, it hasn't worked out. Apparently not trying works better. So far, they seem the perfect choice only...

... the raincoat isn't finished yet. I'm as far as I can go. When I get to Ashland, my friend is going to help me add welt pockets. It's easier to do that if the side seam is left open only the button band can't be finished until the hem facing is sewn on and neither the sleeves nor the hem facing can be sewn until the side seams are closed. I have everything piled together ready to go. The coat is turning out great AND... when I poured water on it... just to see... in case... the water rolled around and off and the fabric wasn't wet at all. This is perfect.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - waterproof, windproof fabric

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