Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Friends & Fabric

My plan for yesterday was to start on they raincoat only I had a few questions and wanted to talk to my friend first so instead I started on the Paris top using the fabric Claire brought me. It's a gorgeous - slippery - static-y - silk. A light coating of spray starch made it MUCH more manageable.

This project had one of my favourite starts - not enough fabric. To begin, I frankenpatterned the bottom of the Vogue 1440 blouse to the top of the Vogue 1410 dress. Since I've sewn the dress several times, it already included my adjustments and made things quite easy. Then...

... I laid the pieces on the fabric to see what portion of each one could be included and redrafted the front into a yoke and lower front. The entire back and the lower front are cut from the Paris fabric.

A few weeks ago, I bought this rayon top at a local retailer without trying it on. I wanted the lace for this top. The sales clerk kept saying it's a final sale, you should try it on and I kept saying no but she kept pushing so finally I said I'm going to cut it up at which point she immediately looked at the price tag. It was originally $120.00 and I bought it for $24.99 which is inexpensive for such nice lace only it was too heavy and I didn't end up using it although I did use the solid cream fabric.

Instead of lace, I ironed fusible web to the back of scraps of the Paris fabric and of a solid purple that matched and then cut 1/8" strips. No two are alike. They are all roughly 1/8".

I fused the strips to the cream fabric placing the purple strips one inch apart and the print strips in-between and then I stitched over them with a zigzag.

The purple has a shorter stitch with a slightly brighter rayon purple thread and the print has a longer stitch with a white rayon thread. To make it easier, I used a washable stabilizer underneath.

The yoke turned out pretty good. I'm ready to sew the pieces together and finish the neck and armholes. I'm pretty sure I'll be using bias strips of the purple but we'll see what actually happens.

My friend Barb is here for the week. At first Miss Chloe was lavishing her in kisses but she has - thankfully - settled down to her pillow in the corner.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful -  friends & fabric


  1. What cool striping on your cream fabric. It gives the look of pintucking, but a little whippier. I can't wait to see the finished product.

    I had to laugh at your 'conversation' with the sales person at the resale shop. I've had that happen before when I've bought jackets just to steal the pockets and collars. I do feel a little guilty that I've taken an inexpensive piece out of their inventory that could have gone to a young woman without a big work wardrobe budget. But then I'm reminded that many of those shops take the cash I've spent to support a charity, and I go home happy with my purchase. Looking forward to seeing what you end up doing with the lace from that top.

    1. Thanks. The shop wasn't resale. The top was brand new which I think doubly set her back considering the original price. Oh well, it was the perfect fabric and fabric is fabric.

  2. I love the idea for the striping. I think I'll steal the idea to liven up some cream fabric that would have looked good when I was a brunette but is dowdy now that I'm gray.
    Just discovered your blog. Thanx or sharing


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