Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More Matchy-Matchy Pajamas

Yesterday, I went through my closet and gathered everything up that might have been worn even once and washed it all. I wanted to make sure that everything in my closet was clean before I left on my holiday. Since I hang almost all of my clothes to dry rather than use the dryer, there's laundry hanging all over the house - on the railing, the towel bars, over the bathtub, across the backs of the dining room chairs, everywhere. Too funny.

For our cruise, I wanted some light weight, easy to dry, pajamas. I also wanted to test a few t-shirt patterns so I made another set of matchy-matchy pajamas with a wearable muslin as the top.

It's Butterick 5925 - one of Katherine Tilton's designs.  The first time, I tried the twisted collar in a contrasting white with black dots only I found the collar too chunky and since I needed to cut a larger size, I changed it the next time. I also left off the twist on the pockets.

My size is between sizes so I went down one only it was going to be way too tight so I re-cut the sides from the sleeves and the sleeves from the front and back and cut out a new front and back in a larger size. That worked.

With both the pants and top in this fabric, it's a lot of dots but the pajamas are very comfortable and should work great for our trip. I liked the simplicity of this top's design and although there's a fair amount of hip ease, I think it could be fun to play with. I'll try it again.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a weeded garden and a clean fridge


  1. oh, i like this top on you! Pretty neckline and the fit thru the upper bodice is close enough that the ease thru the waist and hip looks very femme, not sack-like at all. Those pj's are very practical for a cruise, heaven forbid there's a fire drill at 3am!!! ;)

    Excellent contrapposto pose as well. The lighting from the side is dramatic and shows off the details nicely.


    Give Chloe a hug from me! have fun! steph

    1. LOL - thanks... for the pose and the praise on the garment. I think it's worth taking forward. Chloe says hugs back.

  2. You are going to sleep very very well in your PJ's. They are fab!!!


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