Thursday, May 21, 2015

No Provisions Provided

I thought the pattern I wanted to cut out yesterday morning was complete and ready to go. It wasn't. It was traced but not adjusted and has that ominous warning on the back - no provisions provided for above or below waist adjustments. That doesn't mean it can't be done. It means it's trickier than your usual lengthen-shorten line.

In fact, it took me a couple hours to make the adjustments since almost every piece is cut individually and there is an upper, middle, lower, left and right, front and back. I needed to take out an inch of length in three different locations as well as narrow the front and back shoulder widths and raise the underarm points. Sometimes, I think it takes me longer to prep the pattern than it does to sew the garment.

The pattern is Butterick 6138, one of Katherine Tilton's designs that has strong similarities to another of her designs, Butterick 6101 which was also on my to sew list so I made some more matchy-matchy pajamas.

I really like the way the hemline is done and the fit of the bodice and flare of the lower garment but I felt there was too much happening on my hips with the two pockets so I cut and stitched them out. The smoother look works a lot better for me and made me believe that the second pattern - Butterick 6138 - had potential. It's cut out and in the suitcase ready to take to the retreat with me.

This is the hemline detail I like. On the upper section, the hem is pressed up and then the lower section is sewn to it and stitched with a "flange-like" piece showing. This is a detail I can see myself using on some refashioning designs.

These images are of the left and right sides after I cut out the pockets. The look is a lot smoother with way less fabric - more hip friendly.

I started packing last night. This morning I have an appointment and then I'll finish, put everything in the car, and be off in the morning. I'll auto-post some images of what I'm taking and then post again next week from Ashland.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - one more sleep

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