Monday, May 18, 2015

Patterns To Play With

Saturday morning - at 6:30 - I went for breakfast with Barb and then took her to the bus, came home and then went for coffee with Howard and took him to the airport, went to journal, came home, and walked the dog - all before noon. Saturday is normally my sleep-in day. Obviously it wasn't so...

... I decided to sleep in on Sunday only my boys arranged to take me for breakfast to celebrate my birthday since I won't be in town on the day. I went to journal first and then met them at the restaurant at 9:00, came home, walked the dog, and worked in the studio for the rest of the day. This morning, the blog is set to auto post and I am - hopefully - still asleep. It's the only possible sleep-in day this week as I'll be spending the rest running errands, organizing to go, and packing.

I leave bright and early Friday morning and will stay overnight in Corvallis - about two hours south of Portland. I've arranged a coaching session with Gwen Spencer for Saturday morning. Gwen has a wonderful artistic sense and is fabulous at interpreting patterns in all sorts of unique and exciting ways. I want to know more about how she does that and how I can too.

This is an incredibly busy year but when it - finally - settles down in the fall, my intention is to focus on developing my design skills through refashioning and through series work. This week, I've been looking at patterns to play with. I want them to be sufficiently interesting to allow for all sorts of ideas and not so intricate already that they are constraining. I've decided to pick a few to start with and see what happens. I can adjust as I go along. 

Vogue 8691 is the pattern I've worked with the most often so far. There's something about its shape that resonates with me so I chose Butterick 5786 above and Butterick 6136 below for their similarities of a fitted bodice and flared hip. I also chose...

... the woven blouse pattern for its simplicity. There are all sorts of directions I can take it in without being constrained by the existing design lines although I'm not sure that's entirely good. More design lines might be good for me with their own challenges but I don't know and I need to start somewhere.

Vogue 9057 is a simple, basic t-shirt without darts or easing at the side seam. It's a good starting point for all sorts of designs along with being the type of garment I wear frequently. I chose it for that reason and..

... Indygo Junction's Modern Silhouette Vest for the exact opposite reason. I almost never wear a vest and yet this design has the potential to go in many directions including blouse or jacket. I've chosen to develop my creative skills with upper garments and keep the lower garments more simple, like resting places, or palette cleansers.


I've been struggling to figure out which jacket pattern to work with. Right now the choices are between Butterick 5891 above and Butterick 6177 below. With both I am....

... concerned about the amount of fabric through the waist so they may get tested and taken forward or tested and dropped. It depends. I'm trying to stretch myself in a new direction and away from my typical styling - like Vogue 8346 - but not stretch too far that I can't get anything done. I know I like shape.

This is where my thinking is starting. My goal is to find six or so patterns that interest me enough to make a half a dozen or more versions incorporating new learning and possibilities. I feel like I've taken in a lot of information in over the past few years with the design workshops and coaching sessions and now it's time to take that learning forward especially as my fitting skills and technical skills have the rust shaken off them are are back at the point where I can focus on the creative details. I've really enjoyed returning to fashion sewing. I'm glad I made that decision.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - quiet spaces, sleeping in


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun!!!

    1. I think it will be... and a real learning experience.

  2. You are going to have such a great time in Oregon, Myrna!

    1. I'm really looking forward to the trip.

  3. So exciting! I will be watching avidly! That's an interesting selection of patterns for you, definitely a quieter feel and a looser silhouette overall than typical for you. Very pretty.

    1. The quieter selection is so I can add to and condense as needed. Hopefully they'll give me options rather than being already more constrained.


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