Friday, May 29, 2015

Whatever Is In The Fridge

My jewelry class was on Monday and then on Thursday and now it's this morning. I'm excited - to make jewelry and to see if I'm putting this down or picking it up. After Wednesday's bead and button workshop, I've had all kinds of ideas bubbling in my head only that's happened before so we'll see where this class takes me. Hopefully I'll have something progressive to share on Monday.

Like the other days, I went to the park to journal write and then I rented a bike and went for a long ride in the bike park. It was FABULOUS. Apparently it's true that you never forget how to ride. I got on, rode away, and came back an hour later a little sore an a lot exhilarated. I felt like that girl again. Too fun. I'm hoping to go again before I leave and I'm definitely thinking more seriously about buying a bike.

After my ride, I had ice-cream and then wandered some of the side streets checking out shops and galleries I hadn't visited before and then I came home, had lunch, and made beads and buttons. The ones above were wrapped after dipping in a milk-like mixture of white glue and water. They'll dry firm and be cut or drilled into useful beads.

I finished tucking in the ends on the twenty-nine knots. Sometimes a pin is needed to help the fabric hold its place until the glue dries. That's what you see above. Before tucking the ends in, they have to be trimmed to length and the bulk cut out of the middle. That leaves...

... little bits and pieces and me being me, I had to save those too. I can make thread lace with these that may be useful for a pendant. You never know. What I do know is that I seem to be needed to keep more and more and smaller and smaller scraps. I'm not sure if this is good or not.

Last night my friend Judy came for dinner. I made a mushroom chicken fettuccini with a side plate of raw vegetables and fruit - basically whatever was in the fridge. It turned out well but more importantly we had a great visit. It's fun to have made friends here in Ashland and to see them on my holiday.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - riding a bike

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  1. If you decide to look at getting a bike, make sure to look at Mountain Equipment Co-Op ( They're a great resource, and can help put oyu on a bike that is just right for you!

    (I'm a long time co-op member, if you hadn't guessed!) :)


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