Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day One & Two

Perhaps by the end of this trip, Howard will be more familiar with how to take flattering pictures of me. So far, not so much. I just showed him these images and we discussed what might work better - LOL - like I'm a photography expert but...

These were the outfits for day one and two. Travelling, I wore my Burda jeans, a black lace RTW top, a grey with black polka dot RTW cardigan, and my closed shoes. Normally when I travel by plane, I find the cabin cold. NOT. Both of us boiled and have decided to dress lighter on the way home. For our first tour day, I wore the Simplicity denim pencil skirt, the sleeveless blouse that I said I wasn't packing but did because it's colorful, and the thrifted turquoise cardigan that lasted only til mid morning since they are having record sunshine and warmth here in the Netherlands.

We arrived in Amsterdam almost at dinner time and - luckily for us - our chauffeur went to the wrong dock and then had to drive us across town so we did get a car tour but no time in the city. I can see now why we might have opted for the pre-trip days in Amsterdam only our budget and our ability to be away from home that long wasn't up to it.

Above is half the ship. Our cabin is on the lower deck of big windows just above the small windows. We have a balcony and float about four feet above the water. I like this view. It looks directly at the water and shoreline. A floor down, and we'd have no view and a floor up and we'd always have to look down. I'm glad we made this choice.

Today we went on a tour of the UNESCO world heritage site windmills. There are nineteen, three of which are still functional. Our tour guide - Ada - was incredibly knowledgeable with a friendly smile and great sense of humour. I was intrigued by how happy she was to volunteer to support the site. It was more genuine than I've experienced before and in an "of course we're happy to do that" kind of way like there's no question.

We had a lecture at the workshop about the windmills and wooden shoes which are made from willow. I learned that - unlike where I live - willows are very welcome here because they love water and there is so much of it. The wood is made into shoes because it's soft and scuffs up and won't slip on the ground. Wooden shoes always seemed clunky to me and yet they are perfect for this climate since they only sink somewhat into the wet ground and stay on top better than traditional shoes would... and stay cleaner.

We toured the museum windmill. It's number three and contains pictures from the fifth windmill which has been inhabited by ten generations of the same family and is still operational. The family provided the pictures that were on display - of a family with thirteen children living in one small building. It makes me wonder how introverts survived in those days. Perhaps they had to go for a walk along the dike to get alone time. I would have loved to go for a bike ride on the dike.

The view of the windmill in the distance was taken from the second to top floor of the windmill we toured. We were not allowed to the top floor. There were a lot of very steep stairs that were worth climbing with caution. You had to go up and down them with your nose to the stairs and hold on to the railings. Such a peaceful setting.

Right now, the boat is making its way to Cologne. We'll cross the border into Germany around eight o'clock tonight and tomorrow tour the town. I will post when I can. The Internet is intermittent and temperamental. If there are some strange half finished what is she talking about postings, that's why and I'll correct as soon as possible.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - safe travel, no issues, my baggage arrived with me


  1. It looks like you are making good memories! Karen

  2. Interesting info about the windmills. We saw actors in the Maritimes wearing wooden shoes and they said they were very comfortable, and, much better than leather for the wet. Not only the Dutch wear them. Looks like a wonderful trip, Myrna!

  3. I just got back from Amsterdam--such a wonderful place to begin your voyages. It's likely you'll continue to see hot weather--we're expecting 102 in Paris tomorrow--but I hope you make the best of the sunny days and have a terrific trip.

  4. So much fun! Love the colorful blouse and the thrifted cardigan! Enjoy your trip!!!!!


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