Monday, June 22, 2015

More About The Necklace

Apparently, I'm in turtle mode. For the second weekend in a row, I meandered and didn't get much done. My big goal for the week is to finish the bunting bags and mail the package to my daughter. It's beyond highly unlikely the raincoat will be finished in time to go. Luckily, the statistics don't point to too much rain and the temperatures make layers a good idea.

A lot of our family and friends have been asking when we're leaving and when I say Saturday, they're shocked. They think it's in July and that's true... sort of. Mid July is when we get back. By this time next week, we'll be in Amsterdam and boarding the boat.

Thanks for the response about the necklace. I promised some more information in my replies to the comments. It was so strange that no one had commented at first but I'm glad to hear that it was a half decent first piece and that yes, I can wear it... especially since I already did. The initial pendant was quite shiny. I left the crinkled middle section alone and rubbed black paint on the outer sections. Once that dried, I covered it with clear nail polish. Toning the shine down helped integrate the pendant with the rest of the piece as did the added beads.

The finished neck cord was too big to fit through the loops at the back of the pendant so I threaded a softer cord through the holes and tied a knot at the back so the pendant would stay centered. This cording was a turned bias strip of silk dupioni over a soft-core center. Because of that, I could scrunch the fabric down to create more texture.

The third cord was ribbon wrapped around an inner core. I have no idea what the technical name for that inner core is or for the soft-core center used on the bias. They are drapery and decor supplies.

The hardest part was tying the second and third cords around the primary center one. It took quite a long time to get the two sides looking somewhat similar but not identical.

The pendant initially didn't fit in and looked like a silver chunk at the center so I started experimenting with different ways to add more detail to the rest of the necklace. I started with some silver paint on the main cord and a few beads and then...

...tied some thread tags for additional texture. It still didn't look integrated so that's when I toned down the pendant and toned up the...

... cording with more paint and shiny beads. I'm quite pleased with how the necklace turned out only when I wore it on Friday, the chain came off one end of the clasp. That smacks of cheap quality. I won't be buying those finished cords again and for my next piece...

... which will start with these seven knot buttons... I'll try making the clasp myself so it'll hold together better. I'm not sure I'll get any work done on this before I leave but the ideas are ripening.

This is the fabric sample I painted on Friday morning. I think it has a graffiti feel to it that seems to show up quite frequently in my work especially when I start playing with black. I like how the black highlights shapes but I want to be sure it doesn't dominate all my work.

This morning, I have a chiropractor appointment for some post-accident adjusting and then we're driving to Salmon Arm to look at a condo and a house. After that, we're test packing our suitcases and making a list of what we need to get - things like cold medicine and such. If you have don't forget to pack this suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - RTW stores for things you forget or don't have time to sew


  1. Thanks for the close ups! I can see that the overall piece is much more organic than it looked in the first pictures. Not 'sad goth' at all!

  2. Thanks for the necklace details... it's quite interesting to see how you developed the piece so organically.
    I always make sure we take along a small, purse-sized halogen flashlight. I'm surprised at how many times I've spotted something under the edge of the hotel bed with it that we'd be lost without, i.e. one shoe, a pocket camera, my husband's watch. How that kind of stuff jumps under the bed or love seat, I can't imagine. ;) Have a great time!

  3. I'm enjoying (again) seeing your thought process in how you develop your items. I would never get past step one, if left to my own devices.
    But you always inspire me to think further. So often lately I find myself eyeing something, thinking, hmmmm...I wonder how that would....

    I'm always floored with how you start with one simple thing and end up with this awesome looking completely different thing.

    Loving the necklace. I bet it looks great on you!
    REALLY liking the fabrics.

    Have a fabulous trip!!!

  4. Thanks for walking us through your process with the necklace! I quite like how it turned out in the end. I found when I was making jewelry type things in the past that even though most of it was basically sewing (including the beadwork), I really needed to develop some skill with pliers and findings and wires and such to complete the pieces. It takes practice to learn a new skill-set.

    The first things I always pack are my knitting projects and my reading, both analog and virtual! Hope you have a fantastic holiday!! I know you'll come back with stories for us.

  5. Thanks for showing us all the details that went into making a really gorgeous neck piece. Where did you get the silver element?

    As for "don't forget to pack" items – take your favourite TP and tissues. I don't know where you're travelling, but England is notorious for having both feel like you're wiping with Kraft paper and in Spain, many times there is no TP at restaurant or museum loos.

    If you think you might be cold, take one of those down jackets or vests that stow in a tiny, little bag. It will take up very little space in your suitcase. Big scarves can make a lot of difference between being shivery or comfortable.

    Amsterdam airport/train station is notorious for thieves. Met an American couple who had spent the day at the police station and embassy dealing with the loss of a shoulder bag containing "everything" that had been slashed from his shoulder. His arm had also been slashed. Figure out a way to be very safe.

    Perhaps it was one of your readers who suggested a very good travel bag which I purchased. Travelon is the company via Amazon. I bought the messenger bag. It has a steel band in the strap which can't be cut and steel mesh in the body of the bag so it can't be cut either. Plus every pocket has a zip and a clasp to keep the zipper locked. Also credit cards are protected against electronic thievery. And it has side pockets for a water bottle and a mini umbrella. I felt very safe but also I tried always to wear it under my jacket or coat.
    Bon voyage
    Vancouver Barbara

  6. Thanks for the necklace details Myrna!!! Happy house and condo looking!!

  7. I like that pendant a lot, the pattern on the pendant is really subtle and detailed.


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