Thursday, June 18, 2015

Painting Ugly Fabric

Part of moving forward with my creative work is recognizing what I'm good at and where I could use improvement. In terms of sewing, my technical skills are quite strong and I need to focus on the details that add interest and variety. In terms of jewelry, my design skills from textile art are transferable and I need to focus on the jewelry formats and how to put the elements together.

The quotes from Free Play that I shared last week continue to resonate. The images dancing in my head cannot become reality until I actually attempt to make them and then there will be a disconnect between what I can imagine and what I can actually create until my skill-abilities catch-up with my imagine-abilities.

In the chapter I'm reading now, the author is talking about limits and how they yield intensity. Boundaries can help us to get started and stay with the work and they can prevent us from wandering off in endless directions. He writes: one rule that I have found to be useful is that two rules are more than enough. That's so true. There has to be a balance between a project that is so open ended a decision can not be made and so constrained that there's no room to create.

I want to learn how to make textile jewelry and I will learn to do by doing and by making the doing doable. When I saw the necklace above left, I loved the pendant but not the wire "chain". It's the kind of wire that once it gets bent, it's kinked forever and it looks cheap. The finished cord at right was in my stash. To make...

... my first necklace, I made the "rules" reasonable - use the purchased pendant in a necklace with a black and silver color scheme that is created using only supplies already in stash. The finished piece is not beyond amazing but I think it turned out pretty good for a first try. At some point in the future, I want to create the pendant as well. For now, working on the cords is an easy way to start. Another thing that made it easy was...

... being prepared to play. When I created the second studio, I moved the loveseat upstairs which left open space in this studio. On Tuesday night, I set up a paint table by the window and moved the serger to a side table so I could use the second desk for putting jewelry together. As a place to sit, knit, and read, the second studio is great. As a place to make jewelry, it wasn't working and yesterday, while making this piece, when I needed to move between stations, this was perfect. I'll most likely move those supplies back.

One of my goals is to find a way to naturally flow between the areas I want to develop. They can work together which is why on my way to painting beautiful fabric, painting ugly fabric would be highly beneficial. I can cut up those pieces to make piping, binding, knot buttons, jewelry, patches, pieced sections, and all sorts of other bits that will fit into my creative direction. YES YES. For this morning's hour, I'm painting and then I have a whole bunch of errands and a haircut.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a decent first piece

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