Monday, June 1, 2015

Picking It Up

The jewelry workshop with Diane on Friday was exactly what I needed. Along with seeing a lot of examples of her work, she walked me through the three main techniques that she uses and I got a feel for what's possible. YES YES - I'm picking it up. There won't be a lot of time between when I get home and when I leave for the cruise but after that, I'll start playing.

One of the key aspects I learned is to add more detail, to take each ingredient as far as it can go to be a positive ingredient of the overall piece. That's going to mean learning some new techniques and this is good. Above, I added painted details to the knots I'd made in the earlier workshop.

In the afternoon, I took a cobweb scarf felting workshop with Jo Ann Manzone - an amazing felter I first met several years ago. Felting is one of those things that has tickled for a while although I have no pull to grow up and be a felter. It's just something I wanted to try. Some of the tools were really interesting.

Instead of using a soapy water, We grated olive oil soap over the entire surface with a medium size grater and then we used...

... one of those spritzer commonly used for pesticides that sprays under pressure after you've pumped it up. I misted the water over the roving until it was wet enough to lay flat and then made sure it was completely soaked.

After that, the roving was covered with plastic and I used a sander in an up and down motion with a count of ten working up and down and across the length with a ten count in each location.

And then I rolled with a textured roller in all directions, sanded again, removed the plastic and agitated the length with my fingers, rinsed in warm water to open the fibers and then rinsed in a vinegar bath to close them and then spun in a portable laundry spinner which made the scarf only slightly damp to the touch. And then I took a picture of the finished scarf which did not show up when I opened that file last night to write this posting so I'll have to get a picture for Jo Ann to show you.

The Design Outside the Lines retreat started yesterday afternoon. The last three retreats that I attended had many of the same people. This one has fewer "regulars" and mostly people I've never met before. It'll be interesting to see how that changes things plus... this is my first time with a guest teacher.  I'm excited to learn possibilities and techniques that can be folded into the work I'm already doing.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a decision about jewelry making


  1. Myrna is on the Move! ha, kinda ridiculous but i had to say it ;) It is just so fun to hear about all of your adventures, quite precise description of the felting process. I am happy for you that the jewelry making is going well, i know that you have had a yen to pursue that for quite a while now.

    If i recall right, Clare R is at the workshop? If so, give her a big hug from me!! I can't believe you ladies get to work with the lady form CPD, she has a very sophisticated take on moving from flat to 3d garments. Your brain cells will be vibrating!! have fun, stpeh

  2. I'm so glad you're having such a fun creative time! It's interesting how many different ways there are to make felt. I've used long strips of bubble wrap and sports mesh and rolled it rather than the sander. It all works!

  3. Tiny Junco alas I'm not at this DOL. I will still accept a big e-hug though! I'll get to see Myrna on her way north next week and cash in on the hug then!

  4. I have done a class in cobweb felting using bubble wrap and a bamboo mat. Our tutor also recommended olive oil soap.
    I am confused by the idea of using a sander. Surely if you put a sander on to plastic it will 'sand' the surface of the plastic.


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