Thursday, June 25, 2015

Two Rings

Last night, I organized the stash and cleaned the studio so that when I get back from my trip it's ready to go. It takes me way longer to get back in the flow if I leave it a mess because while I might not have enough energy to clean up, I may have enough to stitch something. Or perhaps to...

... work on a piece of jewelry. This piece was started in Ashland. It's sitting on the desk waiting to be next. With it, I'll practice inserting bits and piece and twisting the cord in different directions. It may end up a pin or a pendant. The main fabric is the same as the scarf I'm working on.

Claire had asked for a closer image of the turquoise beads. I don't have one. None of the pictures I'd taken have come out well so I'll need to take the finished piece - when it's finished - outside in the sun to get a better shot. These beads are starts. We'll see where they go.

Diane loves sticks and a lot of her pieces contain elements of wood. I picked these up wandering through the park. I find myself looking down just a little bit more. The other day, I picked up a really interesting bent nail.

This is one of Diane's pieces. They're amazing. You can turn them over and over in your hand and think you've gotten the details and that you could do something like that and then you see the picture and wonder what is that... and that... and that. And it's okay because the image and the essence are enough to keep pushing forward and to create my own version of textile jewelry.

As you know, jewelry is one of my favourite souvenirs. Typically I buy necklaces because I only wear one ring only mine has been catching like crazy lately and when I took it to the jeweler, he said the claws needed replacing so for now I'm ring-less.  I didn't want to lose the stone. I'd already decided to buy a ring as a souvenir of our cruise so I'll see what I find and decide about fixing the other one from there. And have two rings... how fun!

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a clean studio

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