Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Day 10

When I woke up this morning and opened the curtains, another ship was right there beside us in the lock. We'd been warned it might happen but this was the first time it actually happened and then it happened twice in one day.

Later that morning when we tied up in Passau, another Viking ship tied up next to us, exactly aligned, which meant I could see into the stateroom across from me... which I fond interesting... but not so my "twin". She whipped her lingerie off the line across the window and snapped the curtains closed. It made me laugh.

After breakfast, we were scheduled to take a walking tour and decided we just couldn't follow along in a row again for another day so instead, after Howard's beard trim, we hiked up to the fortress and back down again. It's a 30 minute walk one way and then a walk around and then a walk down and...


... it's exactly like that. Up, up, up and around and up, up, up and around and up, up, up all the way to the top and then down, down, down and around and down, down, down and around and down, down, down all the way to the bottom.

We were back just before noon and could have taken in the organ concert at the church but we weren't feeling like that either so we went back to the ship. Does this make us bad cruisers? Maybe, but this is our first holiday ever with tours like this and we had no idea what it would be like. After a week of touring towns, we're okay with missing this to do that. The hike...

... was gorgeous. There were all kinds of different cobblestone patterns and walk ways and "gates" to travel through and at every turn the view...

... around you and the view of the town changed. There were peaceful little resting spaces within the fortress grounds. This wasn't a castle. It was more like a keep where families would have lived inside the outer walls.

At left is the set of stairs before the last five sets of stairs that took us up to the observatory tower where we had a three hundred and sixty degree view of the entire valley. BEAUTIFUL. I've spaced the pictures below to show how the view changed as we went up. The view of the ships shows them docked together from only a slight way up the hill. Ours was the one closer to shore. The passengers from the other ship had to pass through our lobby to reach land.

I loved the way the two images above lined up. It was purely accidental since one was taken on our walk up the hill and the other on the way down. It looks high up from here but when you get higher, it doesn't seem high at all.

LOL - here's a higher view. I took the picture of the tree while walking down. I loved the way it was framed between the rock wall and the fortress wall. The main part of the fortress is high up the hill. This was more like a secondary residence or guard post.

And here's the town from the very top.  There are actually three rivers that meet in this town and the water colors are different and you can see where they mix... if you happened to get a good picture of that... which I didn't... but I still thought the view was pretty impressive.


We had lunch on the ship when we got back down and then Howard had a nap and I walked into the town and went shopping by myself... alone... for the first time in two weeks. I loved it. I would have enjoyed going with Howard too however - given the option - I opted for time alone rather than asking someone else to go with me. The walk was bliss enough and... LOL... even so... I bought two silver rings in an antique shop though I doubt they were antiques since one came in two sizes and the other in two colors.

And then I tried on some interesting styles in a one size fits all store Really ? ? ?  One size for all women ? ? ?  It can't be done. A quick glance around will tell that there's no one size. I have no idea what the teeny tiny women do because the pants I tried on were way too big for me. But it was fun.

And then I bought two necklaces in an accessories shop. They had hats, scarves, bags, and jewelry and lots of lovely pieces. These two should go with a lot of my clothes so you'll see them in pictures some time soon. The ones I took of the jewelry alone didn't show them well. AND THEN...

... I kept heading down the road toward the fabric store. Finding one is a bit complicated since that's not a typical question. The gentleman at the accessories store pointed me in the right general direction and then I found two women who weren't local and didn't speak English but did understand what I wanted and had just come from there themselves. They gave me directions and when I saw the Pfaff sign, I was fine. I bought two and a half meters of this polyester flocked print. GORGEOUS.

And then... I walked slowly back to the ship all by myself and stopped to have ice-cream along the river and say hi to some of the crew members who were enjoying some definitely, well earned, time off. A lovely day. One of my favourites so far.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - time together and time alone


  1. Time alone on a vacation is a lovely thing. We like separating and going our own ways at times. He likes looking at one thing and I at another. I've been on a cruise and on a bus tour and also get tired of following along like a duckling. It's fun to venture out on your own. I'm really enjoying your cruising adventure!

  2. Hubby and I have been on numerous cruises (50ish) and we never take cruise boat tours preferring to do our own thing. It just takes some reading and planning prior to the cruise. It's also much more fun and time better spent that waiting on a big tour group. Sounds like your day was perfect!

  3. So happy that you're enjoying your cruise! Time alone is invaluable. Sometimes I get tired of all the stimulation of lots of people around all the time.

  4. I would avoid most of the tours too. I usually walk faster than the crowd and also want to stop and look/photograph things that don't always interest others. Gee, why am I not surprised you managed to find the fabric shop in a foreign town?

  5. You and Howard made the right choice - take a nice hike w/o a tour group. And you were rewarded by the wonderful views! And then you made the right choice, an afternoon on your own wandering. And more rewards!!! You have crossed over from 'tourist' to 'traveller'!!! brava!!!

  6. So glad that Howard's poor health is not preventing him from enjoying your fabulous trip.


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