Saturday, July 11, 2015

Day 12

Our tour of Vienna was partly by coach and partly on foot. The coach circled the ring road and then wove up and down some of the streets past important buildings before letting us off near an ice-cream store - another VERY important building.

We learned that there is an ice-cream season from the middle of March until October and that this particular store did a booming business. Our Program Director told us they sell 40,000 cones a day. If the average customer bought two scoops, that would be 120,000 Euros a day. I think maybe she meant per month but even so, apparently it's profitable to own an ice-cream parlour in Vienna.


You've probably heard the phrase Anytown, USA. Canada is no different. Every town looks the same with the same stores and the same restaurants. It's big box America, homogenized. The main shopping streets in Vienna have the exact same stores that the main shopping streets in Vancouver or any other Canadian city contain. And then, much is made somewhere else like China or the Philippines. It can get frustrating when you want something unique.

The old buildings with the new signs or new technologies were an interesting contrast. The building above is a church with a satellite dish.

Vienna has many parts but one section is primarily old like above left and one section is all new like below. In the square near St Joseph's church, there is a new building that just doesn't fit with all it's modern glass.

The new section is built on a man made island in the middle of the Danube that resolved some shipping issues and the same time create Danube Island, a modern business center, and leisure facilities particularly water sports.

Howard keeps saying he can have two desserts because he climbed this or that mountain. LOL - I think that's going to catch up with him although above he was only holding my ice-cream while I took a picture. He took this picture of my outfit and said it was a great picture only it doesn't really show the outfit which was the point. I'm wearing my black knit OOP Marcy pants, the Katherine top, and a RTW lace cardigan and my altered purse.

We bought a Klimt painting in Vienna for our bedroom wall and I got this eyeglass case for my journal bag. It came with a matching cleaning cloth that I think looks like a fabulous pattern for a wall art piece - inspired by of course. To get the painting home, I'll take it off the stretcher bars and roll it and then have it re-stretched when we get there.

This race car was in the window of a wonderful children's store. It reminded me of my grandson. We didn't go in but I loved the displays.

In the afternoon, Howard went on a palace tour and I begged off. I couldn't handle any more gilt or waddling along in a row like a duckling. Instead, once he was on the bus, I waved goodbye and headed into town. Apparently, this caused quite the uproar.

One woman asked where I was going and Howard said wherever she wants to and then another asked if he had allowed that. I think that's the point at which he thought he'd better take the easy way out because "allow" isn't in our vocabulary. He said yes to which several women said they had wanted to go shopping also but weren't allowed. One said she needed to get off the bus and join me but it didn't happen.

When he told me, I wondered if I'd get some comments this morning but I didn't. Good thing. I'm neither a child, an employee, nor a slave. We exchange info and express concerns if we have them but we do not ask permission. We're both adults.

I came across a sewing store while I was walking. I think she mostly did alterations and custom sewing but she also sold some sewing supplies. I bought nine large black buttons plus the very dusty lid that hadn't seen the light of day for years and then six smaller buttons and another dusty lid for the total of five Euros, an incredibly good deal. I couldn't talk with the woman much but I did manage to explain that I LOVE FABRIC.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - I'm "allowed"


  1. It sounds like you're having a great time. I'm happy to be on the "ride-along" to places I haven't been since before high school.

  2. I must admit, I do use my husband as an excuse for things sometimes...

    "Oh, I'd love to do that , but I promised my husband I wouldn't". He always backs me up, even if he has no idea what's going on! :)

  3. Ahh Myrna you meet all kinds and hear of all kinds of things when you are in a group! I'm with you! A wander through a new place to look in windows and check out dusty buttons sounds like a good time to me! And I think I will embroider this on a tea towel: "I couldn't handle any more gilt." Boy that is a simple truth of living, isn't it. .


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