Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 4

The postings are a day behind and not happening in any real time. As I write this, it's actually 9:30 on the evening of Day 5 - which I'll tell you about tomorrow - but this method is helping me to keep track - of tours - not of garments. I forgot to take a picture of today's outfit again but at least...

... I have one of yesterday's. This is Katherine's Butterick top that I made in black linen with hand stitching in DMC pearl cotton. The internet is too slow to go looking for the pattern number but if you need it, let me know or look back in the postings. The pants are The Sewing Workshops trio pants with extra shaping at the hemline. Both are very comfortable.

The tour was of Marksburg Castle overlooking the town of Braubach. It's one of the most perserved fortresses on the Rhine since it was never besieged by enemies. That said, it wasn't easy living. The steps to the door are not original. The "steps" to the right are. Throughout the building are all kinds of uneven surfaces and different flooring structures. Before the tour, there was much cautioning about the walk up the hill and across these surfaces. The hill was no big deal since we do something longer and steeper at home but the floors did require caution. Howard really enjoyed learning about the building methods and about the weapons while I...

... was very intrigued with the kitchen - not for the cooking possibilities but because these pictures look like they could have come out of a current day magazine and yet it's over 700 years old. A beautiful room. We would use similar decorating touches now.


This was the weaving room. It too contained familiar tools and could have been present day. I'd have loved to spend more time there.

From Braubach, we continued floating up the Rhine river for the afternoon and turned into the Main River. If you've ever seen a Viking River Cruise commercial, the part that they show is along the Rhine including the town above and the castle below.

It's gorgeous and so is the Main River only different. The Main river is much narrower and we've been passing the homes of people who appear to live a similar lifestyle to mine. I've enjoyed the glimpse into their lives and I wish we had the long miles of bike and walking paths and the many parks that are along the river. It looks so peaceful and with the (very and unusually) warm weather, many are taking advantage of them. They wave to us; we wave to them. I wish we could have coffee and discuss our similarities.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - the hike up to the fortress was easier than we thought


  1. I'd love to spend time in that weaving room too! Makes me want to get my loom out...

  2. "I'd have loved to spend more time there." oh Myrna how nice to see those words - i knew you would enjoy this trip even more than you were expecting too! You are just too curious about everything and too interested in people past and present to not find so much to be fascinated by. So excited for you - and for us, to see how this gets you going when you come back home :)

    Your black linen blouse is B5891, interested readers can see your post on its construction here:

    It is a real treat to see you in all your clothing, as outfits with your hair done, makeup, accessories, etc. You look GREAT!!! All your clothes are creative and flattering yet never overwhelm *you*. A very fine balance to achieve, and you're making it look so easy, Seeing your clothes on you, as you wear them, gives me a whole new way of looking at them too.

    Big hug!!!! steph

  3. Myrna, I suggest that you check out Raven's Croft in Salmon Arm. From your comments here I think you would really love it. There are houses and condos. It is just off Lakeshore Drive and there is a path along the lake into the downtown past the bird sanctuary. Good walking and biking. Not usually a lot of snow in the wintertime at lake level either. The walk back up to the condo and houses is a bit of a hill but nothing like the hills in Kamloops and the views are great.


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