Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 7

Today we took a combination scenic bus tour and walking tour through several different towns. The guidebook that came with our trip talks about the Baumberg sights of the included tour but not the optional tour we took so I can't give correct names to the places. Someone may recognize them.

This was a nondescript church on the outside and quite ornate on the inside but nowhere near as ornate as the residenze I talked about on Day 6. You can see all the stucco work and gilting. This is a pilgrimage church. It seems that several people were healed drinking from the water and many more have come hoping to be healed even to this day.

These pictures are from a town where there used to be a witches prison and witches were burned at the stake. We had half a hour and the stores were closed because it was Sunday so...

... Howard and I walked around. I took pictures of some of the more interesting door knobs. They're just more fun than what I have. One of the things I'm looking forward to with my upcoming move is making a shift in how I decorate - one that's more in line with who I've evolved in to. Unique items like these add special touches without being too much.

In the same town, we walked down some back alleys and caught a glimpse of the yards. Many of them had beautifully developed vegetable and flower gardens like these with patches and paths that reminded me of my friend's 100 year old home and her cobblestone walkways and flower beds. We are all so unique and yet so similar.

We stopped at the brewery in another town to taste smoked beer which apparently is like liquid bacon in your mouth only Howard and I don't drink beer and we didn't like the idea of crowding into a small, un-airconditioned pub with two bus loads of people so we walked down to a cafe and had ice-cream and a big glass of sparkling water. SO much better. The planters of petunias in half barrels are virtually identical to the ones I used to plant years ago.

Again, not the best shot of me but getting closer to a flattering angle although why he shot me patting my hair ? ? ? This is my favourite Katherine Tilton top with a Marcy Tilton skirt. LOVE them both and very comfortable. The fountain just called for me to play - it was too hot not to take advantage of the cool water.

Steph - an interesting thing happened at the beginning of May. I got contacts and I wear them two or three times a week and NO ONE noticed. I had to tell them. My eyes are quite green but not as green as you see in the non-glasses pictures. Those are colored contacts that are just too fun to wear.

Our final stop was at the hunting home of a prince bishop near but not in Baumberg. We were too hot and tired to go in so we walked around the outside and through the gardens.

The picture on the left is the central garden in the courtyard with roses around a fountain and the tunneled trees are in the more formal English style gardens. We enjoyed taking the bus with intermittent stops and even so the sustained heat is hard to deal with. Thankfully it's supposed to be cooler tomorrow.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - air conditioned buses


  1. Love seeing the details you pick up on and your outfits. You look both comfortable and chic! Sounds like a wonderful trip with lots of creative fuel and novel perspectives!

  2. heehee, Myrna now i feel all eagle-eyed! I had colored contacts when i was like 20 for a year, it was lots of fun tho my eyes are so sensitive i can't stand them anymore. I'm glad you can do them, really in line with your personality.

    Loving all the detail pics too. And even more seeing your clothes on you! They look much more artsy and avant-garde on the form, on you they have a wonderful ease to them....perfect balance of detail, line, color while still practical though never underdressed. Fascinating to me to see the change in the same garment when worn.

    I hope you are getting as much out of wearing this wardrobe as we are watching you! Fingers crossed for a cooler day :)

  3. Myrna - you are looking extremely fashionable and cool! Plus, I am so happy to learn that you are a sister in the "Sisterhood of Women who Take Photos of Door Hardware."

    I like beer, esp good beer on a hot day. But smoked beer? Tasting like bacon? I'd choose ice cream over that too!

  4. So encouraging and full of good tips! Really glad I found this post. Thanks for sharing these clothing patterns ideas.


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