Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 8

Yesterday was the optional World War II tour. I didn't go. Howard did and said it was even better than he had expected which was excellent since he'd really been looking forward to this tour about the beginning, middle, and end of the Natzi regime. It included touring the building where the first world court ever was housed. I... on the other hand... had a totally different theme for my day.

In the morning, I was sitting on the front deck and looked across to the wall where the name Alex was written and then, in our suggestions for the day, was listed the Cafe Alex. This was all rather strange since...

... I spent the day with Alex of Studio-Alexandra who drove three hours the day before and stayed overnight in a hotel nearby so we could spend the day together in Nurenburg. WHAT FUN!

We started out by risking life and limb to drive into the city and then visited a wonderful wool shop that was top to bottom filled with gorgeous yarns. I bought some! No surprise there I'm sure.

I bought four balls of a silky feeling cotton in a charcoal grey to make a scarf and some purple tinged buttons as well as two copies of a knitting book which features patterns written in German and in English. A friend wants to learn how to knit following a pattern and ordered the Verona magazine to follow the German which is her first language only I don't read German which makes it hard to help her. With this magazine, we can both follow along in our first language. YES YES.

Alex and I also went to a department store that had an entire section for sewing and other handcrafts. That's something I haven't seen in Canada in years and years. There was a discount table - and you know how I love those - and... of course...

... I bought some of that too - a heavy cotton with a brushed feel that is not twill and not denim but a firm fabric suitable for pants. The colors are gorgeous. After shopping, we had lunch and then wandered the town looking into several of the shops, stopped to have ice-cream, drove back and toured the ship, and then visited for a bit in the lounge with Howard before Alex had to leave for home. It was a DELIGHTFUL day and one of the great things I love about the sewing community and blog world - the way it connects us with those who love what we love and do what we do.

THANK YOU Alex for a wonderful day!

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - new friends


  1. Three's a charm. Looks like you both had a wonderful day. What a bounty of yarns and fabric. Glory, glory.
    Vancouver Barbara

  2. sometimes the best way to spend the day is apart doing things you each enjoy... that fabric you picked out is FABULOUS! what a great souvenir of your trip, and what a special treat to get to meet Alex in person

  3. Wow, you're fast! What a fun day! Risking life and limb, hehe... it did feel like that, didn't it? Thank you so much for everything!

  4. Well done, Myrna! An excellent way to spend the day.

    Other than the heat, it sounds like the trip is going well. Our heat wave is expected to break on Friday--I hope you get some relief there as well.

  5. What a treat you had hooking up with a sewist from another country. That just shows how special the sewing community has become due to the internet! Your fabric and yarn purchases will help preserve this memory. Karen

  6. What a special treat! - and what a nice compliment to you that Alexandra would drive so far and stay overnight to visit with you!!! So glad you both had such a great and memorable day. Makes me wish I had a blog!!!

  7. Who cares about old fusty museums when there's yarn and fabrics to peruse! Sounds like a perfect day to me.


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