Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Prague 2

Our bags are packed. In a couple of hours we'll head for the airport and make our way back first to London and then to Vancouver. Somewhere in the air we'll magically relive those nine and a half hours we lost on the way here and land around dinner time. If I don't sleep on the plane - which would be intermittent at best - I should have a good sleep at the hotel and be up and ready to go in the morning. We're driving from Vancouver and I'm really looking forward to being in charge of the vehicle and I'm certainly ready to sleep in my own bed again. Friday night. YES YES!

We were tired yesterday. Perhaps it was knowing that we'd be leaving soon but no one in our group was feeling too energetic. We found a quiet Italian restaurant along one of the side streets and had a fabulous pizza lunch. There is a LOT of Italian food in Prague and we're not sure if there is a historical reason or just a tourist one. The night before we ate near the main square and listened to a street musician playing a violin. It was beautiful - and I may have mentioned that already - but I'm too tired to check back and see - VBG.

We'd planned to go up in the clock tower and didn't mind paying to do that but we did mind the long line-up in the hot hall and opted for the outside view rather than the one hour wait. Isn't the clock pretty? I really like how the mechanisms are staggered and how when it reaches the hour, the doors above open and little statues rotate past.

This shop - Natural Fabrics - opened on Monday. They had a 10% off sale for their first week in business which worked great for me. The clothes are all linen and made in Poland. They're beautifully sewn. There were two large - for Prague - rooms of garments and a lovely sales person. Finding something that fit in the shoulders and the hips was a bit of a journey - in fact, I couldn't do it. I bought...

... separates... both in black... but photographing the lighter colors made the details more visible. The skirt has the pockets and folds to the front and the wrap has some textured design elements. It's a linen knit. The two together cost $160 Cdn which is more than I'd typically spend on clothes since I could sew them but a nice souvenier and besides, I don't have that pattern - LOL.

I spent a bit more time wandering through the street market. This stall is all woven products from scarves to purses to garments to blankets. There are two weavers that work right there in the square.

This woman is making bobbin lace that she'll then make into jewelry. It's slow and intricate and reminds me a bit of tatting. I really enjoyed watching the artisans at work.

I took this picture for my friend Dave who is a wood turner. Several of the pieces were square which is not a shape I've seen in wood before and really liked.

This was my favourite. It was 52 Euros or about $70 Cdn. The height is deeper than the bowl which is not really shallow but not as deep as you'd expect when you see the size of the bowl. I don't know what the wood is.

I've taken pictures of several purses that had simple shapes I could duplicate in painted fabric. It's one way to play in that new direction. This one is just a small triangle with one main piece, two sides, and a flap. Easily duplicated.

This was the other one I really liked. It has a similar but simpler outside and a much more complicated inside with several pockets. Pockets are good but I'm not sure they are as critical in a small purse although - as I type that - my travel purse is small and I've used the pockets. It's also a shape I could copy.

One of the things I want to work on in the studio when I get home is the question how can I do that in fabric? particularly in reference to jewelry, bags, and other accessories. It occurred to me that I could apply that question to some of my favourite jewelry pieces and use them as a starting point for creating a fabric variation. It's an interesting thought and when I'm home, sleeping in my own bed, and recovered from the jet leg, I'll give it some attention.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - it's time to go home


  1. I'm glad you liked Prague. That clothes shop looks fabulous and I will find it on my next visit. The pizza places here is a combination of both. There always was quite a bit of business between the two countries Italians were amongst the first to try to do business here in the 1990s and of course Americans came in numbers and they too liked their pizza ☺ . And now the Czech like it too. Have a good journey home.

  2. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. How did all the wardrobe planning play out on the trip? Here's a thought: What about painted leather for bags?

  3. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. How did all the wardrobe planning play out on the trip? Here's a thought: What about painted leather for bags?

  4. Marilyn in OntarioJuly 16, 2015 at 12:24 PM

    Thanks for letting us take this trip with you! We appreciate that it is not easy to get the time to blog
    when you are so busy. The pictures and ideas that you are getting will show up in your work and that will be interesting.
    Safe trip home.

  5. I like the clothes you bought. Very you. I used to buy a lot of the Flax line, obviously linen and made in Poland too. Do they grow a lot of flax in Poland?


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