Monday, July 20, 2015

Some Replies

The flight back went well. We got into Vancouver around eight at night, checked into the hotel, had dinner, and went to bed. It worked. We woke up early Friday morning and were on the road out of the city before there was too much traffic. It was FABUOUS to be driving my own car again - queen of the road - in control. YES YES. We got home around noon and took the next several days easy. I'm feeling pretty much back on track.

THANK YOU so much for following along on my journey. I loved sharing my observations and appreciated the comments. As you've already noticed I'm sure, I chose not to reply when I'm on holidays but I know that sometimes leaves questions unanswered. I've answered a few below. If I've forgotten something you wanted to know, please let me know.

Steph - It is a real treat to see you in all your clothing, as outfits with your hair done, makeup, accessories, etc. You look GREAT!!! All your clothes are creative and flattering yet never overwhelm *you*. A very fine balance to achieve, and you're making it look so easy, Seeing your clothes on you, as you wear them, gives me a whole new way of looking at them too. They look much more artsy and avant-garde on the form, on you they have a wonderful ease to them....perfect balance of detail, line, color while still practical though never underdressed. Fascinating to me to see the change in the same garment when worn.

The thought of a video briefly crossed my mind but didn't go anywhere. Apparently my clothes had a following. Howard had a long conversation with a mother and daughter who were eagerly waiting to see what I was going to be wearing that morning. He found it quite fun. I found it startling. I've never been "stylish" before but my jewelry and clothing did garner quite a few comments. I think that was in part because they fit well. YES YES - we can sew.

CC8900 - I suggest that you check out Raven's Croft in Salmon Arm. From your comments here I think you would really love it. There are houses and condos. It is just off Lakeshore Drive and there is a path along the lake into the downtown past the bird sanctuary. Good walking and biking. Not usually a lot of snow in the wintertime at lake level either. The walk back up to the condo and houses is a bit of a hill but nothing like the hills in Kamloops and the views are great.

Your comment makes it sound like you live in Salmon Arm. I hope you'll contact me so we can get together. We did look at a condo in that area only it was on too many levels with quite small rooms so not the best match for us. We definitely want something with a basement suite for the income since we'll own two houses. That area is of great interest. So pretty.

bdejong - We saw cobblestones like the small ones in the "patch" in your pictures when we were in Holland. They call them "kinderkopjes" which means "children's heads"!

Thank you. There were all kinds of cobblestone patterns and no rhythm or rhyme to them. I think they're all quite pretty but I like best the ones with grass in-between.

Elaine - Both of my paternal grandparents came from the Budapest area of Hungary. Did you get a chance to visit the Central Market?

We went to old town on a bus tour and walked around the castle. Is that the area you mean?  All my days are mashing together but I think we were there on a Sunday so only saw the bazaar.

Lois K - I think that is a Catalpa tree.

Thank you. It's very pretty.

Charmion - I hope when you get home that you will keep a very sharp eye on your bank account since you are using your debit card to shop. Regrettably, debit card IDs are easy to steal and frequently stolen and you'll need to check frequently for unauthorized purchases.

I've checked it several times and so far no problems. We used cash as much as possible and used the debit card to get money out of the bank. With that one exception, we had no issues and even that was pretty minor. I'll keep checking. We had notified all our bank accounts of where we were going and they have tight controls so that should help if there is an issue.

Gill - If it's not too late, might I suggest you take a look in an 'ordinary' store for household buttons. They are of the old cloth covered style, extraordinarily cheap and occasionally you'll find some thread covered ones too. I found them in several sizes in the British supermarket Tesco, in the city centre...but it was a couple of years ago!

LOL - it was too late and that was probably good because I'd already bought buttons in three different locations. The one in Vienna was so inexpensive I had to hold on to my self control not to stock up. As it is, Howard bought half a painting and I bought everything else. Hmm...

Charade - I love that pendant and its apparent pliability but still with the strength to hold its creator's design. I've been using some wire mesh as decorative backing for some fabric beads in pins and pendants, but it's a little "crispy" and breaks too easily to do what that artist did with the bobbin lace. What do you think was used on the borders to hold the form?

I went back in and looked at the price and it was 32 Euros so around fifty dollars. WAY TOO LOW. The edges appeared to have a wire form going in the opposite direction that was woven into. Without really digging at it, it was hard to tell but I pushed down on the middle and the shape sprang back so it appeared to hold together quite well.

maruchan - I'm glad you liked Prague. That clothes shop looks fabulous and I will find it on my next visit. The pizza places here is a combination of both. There always was quite a bit of business between the two countries Italians were amongst the first to try to do business here in the 1990s and of course Americans came in numbers and they too liked their pizza ☺ . And now the Czech like it too. Have a good journey home.

The shop is tucked into a back alley. I was looking at the XP Gallery and following from one location to the other and as I turned to walk toward the second location the linen shop was on the left hand side of the lane. I don't have the business card so I can't give you the address. Sorry. Thanks for the info on Italian food. We thought it might be something like that. It sounds like you live in Prague. It would have been fun to meet. I'd say maybe next time only that's not likely to happen but if you're ever in my part of Canada, please do call.

Elaine - How did all the wardrobe planning play out on the trip? Here's a thought: What about painted leather for bags?

The wardrobe worked out really well. I missed my shoes by the end and a black top with fifteen necklaces is technically fifteen outfits but it feels more like one. I had one RTW shirt that I never wore because I just didn't think it fit me well and every time I put it on I took it off. I also had a dress that I had intended to wear in Prague only I needed to shave my legs and didn't have the energy - VBG - so it didn't get worn. Next time, I'd take more light-weight tops and less lingerie. It was easy to wash panties and I'd have liked more choices with tops. The hot weather was probably a factor in that though. I think I did pretty good considering I had no previous long term vacation experience but the practice session in Ashland really helped a lot.

Nancy K - I like the clothes you bought. Very you. I used to buy a lot of the Flax line, obviously linen and made in Poland too. Do they grow a lot of flax in Poland?

Flax has wonderful clothes. I've bought quite a few of them second hand. I'm not sure if flax grows in Poland. I assumed that the owner was either Polish or that it was less expensive to have the garments sewn there. The quality of workmanship was very high. I'm looking forward to wearing the skirt and I've already been playing with ideas to duplicate the shawl.

Today, I'm off to journal and then walk the dog and then we really, Really, REALLY need some groceries. Howard is off work until the beginning of August so we're still moving slow and having fun together. I have a couple more postings about the trip and then - hopefully - I'll be back to work in the studio and have some sewing to talk about.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - feeling back in the right time zone


  1. Myrna i love that you have a fan club! Like Howard, i am also not surprised - "VBG"

    no worries about no video, i am amazed and agog at all the pictures, postings, and sharing you did on this trip. It has been so very enjoyable, and i think you'll appreciate it too as your days "mush together".

    Welcome home!

  2. Welcome home indeed. Sorry my button suggestion was too late - we were on our own road trip on your side of the Atlantic and I wasn't reading as regularly as I do at home. I too love Flax clothes and must say the best Flax dress ever was bought in Port Townsend when we did a road trip a couple of years ago. I love your blog and it's been fun watching the wardrobe develop - thank you for sharing!


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