Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This Ring In That Town To That Ring In This Town

It always takes me longer than I think to get back on track and that's okay besides - technically - we are still on holidays until after the start of August however, once your holiday heads back home the To Do list is far too visible. I'm pretty good at ignoring it though. Mostly, I've been researching real estate in Salmon Arm and on Friday we'll be looking at four places. It's exciting. BUT... before we move on to that adventure... I'll finish up this one.

In case you're new to reading the blog, I buy yarn, fabric, and jewelry as souvenirs when I travel. I love the memories they incorporate into my everyday life and with the yarn and fabric I also get the enjoyment of shaping them into something wearable. I wanted a ring as a souvenir of my trip only because the ship kept moving on, I couldn't compare this ring in that town to that ring in this town and ended up buying three. I've been wearing the green one all the time. It's definitely the most me.

These are the turquoise ceramic earrings that I bought when I went on the home visit in Bratslavia, Slovakia. That was one of my favourite parts of the trip - visiting with Anna in her home - and it was a fabulous bonus that she was also an artist with the same needs and struggles that I have here in Canada.

Passau was my favourite little town along the journey. If I were going to go back and spend more time in one place, this would be the one. This necklace is so glittery that it's hard to photograph but the detail image gives you an idea. It's very purple. .

I also bought this silver and black piece in Passau and the two rings left and right in the image above. The necklace is alternating black and silver wedges set on edge with silver beads in-between and strung on a cord. I think there's a way for me to play with this idea in fabric.

There's definitely a way to copy this piece of amber that I bought in Prague. The pendant slides on to the silver neck piece and that too is an excellent "to copy" idea. One neck piece, multiple pendants.

This afternoon, I'm having lunch with my friend that I bought the German/English knitting book for. I'm excited to see how she likes it. We've been talking about knitting the same project together. Hopefully we can pick one from this book because I think the dual set of instructions in going to help her learn to follow a pattern as well as help me to help her.

I'm planning to do more knitting in the future. In Salmon Arm there are five knitting groups that I know of with several of them at night. I plan to continue with the daytime group I've already joined and then add a nighttime group. But first - LOL - I have to buy a house and get moved and for that...

... I'm going to need a few more pieces of furniture. We mostly have enough since primarily I'm moving my studio plus a bedroom and a kitchen. We have the coach and chair from my second studio as well as the desk and coffee table and an extra dining table that's currently at my oldest son's but I need some kitchen chairs, a bed, and a dresser. Yesterday, I saw a dresser at Habitat for Humanity's Re-Store that I've thought about for twenty-four hours and I think it'll work well so I'm off to see if it's still available.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - high speed internet that loads pictures easily


  1. I've read your blog for a while but somehow missed you are moving again. It seems you only moved a year or so ago? I hope that you will be closer to that sweet grandson and that it is a happy move! Love the jewelry, particularly the black and silver necklace.

    1. I mentioned the move in June when I returned from my holiday in Oregon. I was considering buying property there only I decided it was too far away. And I decided that I wanted to live in someplace like that. And I decided I wasn't willing to wait another fifteen years. The town I'm moving to is about an hour away and similar to Ashland in many ways. I know it seems like only last year but we actually moved here almost four years ago. For now, we don't intend to sell this townhouse as Howard will still be working here and we'll be sharing the commute. Eventually, he'll move there too. I'll be ever so slightly closer to my sweet grandson and the same distance away from my boys so I'm not sure if that's a win-win or not.

  2. Thrilled that you had a great trip...love the jewelry purchases...especially the glitzy necklace...the perfect inspiration for building an outfit.? ! ?

    1. LOL - the glitzy piece goes perfect with my purple pieced sleeveless top that I took on the trip and the purple snakeskin Burda 7400 pants. Makes a great combo.


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