Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Layers Of Living

This morning, I was supposed to head back to the "new" house and finish a load of painting before the furniture arrives on Sunday only I came out of the doctor's office yesterday to a dead car. The fuel pump. I haven't liked this car since we bought it and if it didn't start out life as a lemon, the lack of proper maintenance over the years seems to have turned it into one. It's been one thing after another and that was my last straw.

It's not good driving a car you don't trust around town but it's especially not good when you're going back and forth on the highway and your mechanic - also my husband - lives an hour away. Howard is tired and busy and the last thing he needs is a car to work on every weekend. I want him to be able to rest when he comes so we are in the process of trading "the lemon" for a 2011 Matrix which is very similar to my previous  - crunched - car. If we can settle on a price and sign the papers, the sale should be settled tonight and I'll head out in the morning. I've been driving it around today and I like it MUCH BETTER.

On Monday, I painted the first coat in the bedroom, pantry, and hall closets and on the ceiling in the living room, dining room, and kitchen. What I love about older houses is seeing all the layers of living. At one time the master bedroom was dark blue, the kitchen red, and the living room hunter green with the crown moldings painted the same color. Some but not all of them were later covered with a cream, high gloss, paint and the ceiling is yellow with nicotine which makes the first coat extremely satisfying. Progress. One of my favourite tools is...

... the Mouse. It's an iron shaped sander that I used it to level out some of the less than best joints in the molding, to rough up the walls, and to sand after filling holes. With a rougher sand paper, it also takes off some of the drips of old paint and levels out imperfections and it'll be perfect on the kitchen cupboards before painting. And it's fast. And easy.

I was expecting to leave this morning so everything here is packed and there's not much to do. I'd already moved my e-book and yarn stash so when I finished the scarf I was working on, I bought another ball of yarn to knit more leaves for the tree display. I think I've knit about a hundred leaves so far so I've definitely contributed to the group project. I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to working with fabric again... next week... YES YES.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - for the mouse


  1. My but you have a lot on your plate! Sorry about the "lemon" car. A fresh coat of paint is so satisfying with instant gratification. Your new home will be so fresh and clean when you finish the painting. I'm sending you waves of energy!

  2. I love my mouse sander too. I have used it quite a bit in the basement apartment. Will be using it more upstairs when I start the work up there. We both have enjoyed looking at the layers of paint in this house also. Cranberry, red, orange, teal and avocado green were the last colours. Under that brown and a tan. Who knows what is under that. Part of the fun of older houses.
    Hope you got your car deal done and have fun driving your new one.


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