Friday, September 11, 2015

Ready To Paint

We got back from Calgary last Sunday afternoon and I've mostly been sleeping in, journal writing, walking the dog, and sitting on the couch like a lump for the last week. I haven't sewn since mid June and that's the absolute longest time without since I first learned to sew when I was twelve. I miss how energizing it is and I'm REALLY looking forward to getting back into the studio and recharging. Meanwhile...

... as you know... I've been doing a lot of shawl knitting as well as some knitting research. I'm about ready to advance from basic garter and seed stitch into some colour explorations like the scarf above. I watched Stephen West's Shawlscapes on-line and it's a fabulous workshop that encouraged me in that direction. He makes it look so easy but... as we all know... simple is rarely easy although it's almost always fun. A friend went to one of Stephen's lectures last week and said she thought of me and how much I would have enjoyed it. What fun that would have been but...

... the only place I'm going right now is to the new house. We get the keys this morning and while I'm in town for knitting, I'll drop off a load of cleaning and kitchen supplies. I've decided to drive back and forth for this first week until the furniture arrives so I'll come home after knitting and then head back Saturday morning all ready to paint. I always start with the inside of cupboards and closets so I can put our things away right away with less clutter. Yesterday, I pulled out all the partially finished cans of paint from storage and I'll use them first to freshen things up and add some colour to "insides". YES YES... this is good... because right now, it's rather beige.

Howard is exceptionally busy with work right now so it was wonderful that he could fly to Calgary and drive home with me and get a chance to snuggle our grandsons. Both adorable. Of course. Daimon loved playing tools with Grandpa.

On the drive home, the temperature dipped close to freezing and there was snow on the mountains near Banff. Neither the cold nor the snow was thrilling. I've had such a busy few months that it feels like I missed summer. Luckily, this weekend is going to be much warmer and hopefully the rest of September will be as well so I can sit on our new back deck and watch the pond at least a few mornings before fall sets in.

Daimon is enjoying his new baby brother. He had one rough day but otherwise has adjusted well. It's quite quiet here at home and I've missed being with them and that's the way it goes. It was wonderful to spend time with my daughter and her family and now it's time for new adventures.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - finally possession day


  1. This is so exciting!!! I love the idea of painting the insides of closets in surprising colors! And I also simply LOVE Stephen West's designs and approach to knitting!!! Also cute baby!

    1. Definitely cute babies. Using the colors in the closets also uses up those little bits that are left over so it's win-win - a fun interior and less expense.


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