Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What's One More Box?

After a week with both a new baby and a new job, I was pretty sure that my son-in-law needed some move slow and be quiet time and - of course - the family needed some bonding time SO...

... I magnanimously went fabric shopping with Mary. I know! Wasn't that just amazing of me? This is Mary and I's third or fourth time shopping together - plus - lunch and we always have fun. We went to two Fabriclands as well as Out Of Hand and came home with some goodies.

At left is a grey and black striped tube knit. I'm debating turning part of it into yarn to co-ordinate but we'll see what actually happens. In the middle is a mere meter of a wonderful floral. I have no idea what the fabric content is as the bolt was missing and this was all that was left. The fabric at right is a purple-ish taupe denim. I bought five meters as a contender for the coat challenge I'm sewing with my friend Claire.

Here I have five meters of a heavier weight, textured cotton and five meters of a black striped, wool suiting - also contenders for the coat challenge.

Out Of Hand had a fabulous collection of buttons. I could have bought LOTS and LOTS but settled on these two with seven of each. There were some black rectangular and circular buttons that would have been perfect for a coat but it seemed a good idea to know which fabric I'm working with first. Mary said that she'd be perfectly happy to go back and get them if/when I decide. VBG - I may need to help her, just to be sure I get the right ones.

On Saturday, I put these two fabrics back and on Sunday, I went and bought them. The turquoise cotton was tickling in my brain and it was sitting exactly where I'd left it on the floor beside the cutting table... with the black/grey/white floral... which I've bought before... and sewed something I didn't like... and so... sigh... it came home too. What's one more box of fabric to move? My daughter asked if I'd bought "the pink" and when I said no, she said I HAD TO go back and get it. Hmm... my very own enabler.

Here's Grandma and her grand-boys. We're having such fun together. It's hard to believe that Keith is only a week old. It'll be tough to leave on the weekend although - LOL - my car may not make it as loaded down as it's become with visits to fabric stores and Ikea. I've picked up just a "few" things for the new house and I may need to make one more trip for a storage unit AND perhaps  a pair of grey linen curtains that keep calling to me, and are priced really reasonable, with more than enough fabric for something... perhaps a coat. I'm attempting to resist. I could lose this battle.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - friends, family, fabric


  1. It looks like you are having a great time! What handsome little grand boys you have:)

    1. LOL - yes, they are quite the cuties.

  2. Much love to you and your expanding family, Myrna. We were blessed with a new grandson on August 28th, just a day before Dick's birthday. When was your guy born? Love seeing your stash additions, especially the buttons. I'm always on the lookout for great buttons.

    1. Congrats. Keith was born on the 24th. We can compare notes next time we get together. I'm not planning to go to Sew Expo this year but I will be in Ashland again in the spring and hope we can get together.


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