Friday, November 13, 2015

Packed Away Potential

We're experiencing that change point between fall and winter which - for me - is signified by the weather and not the date. Yesterday was the first snow fall. Since Salmon Arm has a lot more humidity than Kamloops, it was wetter than I'm used to but still not enough to worry about shoveling the (flat) driveway. I hope. We'll see.

The tree in the front yard looks gorgeous with a dusting of snow and the red berries peaking through. The picture at right looks like a fabulous starting point for an abstract.

A huge flock of birds landed on the pond this morning. I'm not sure if they're on their way south or if this is their south. There's a "no skating" sign by the pond so I assume it freezes over which makes me wonder what they do when that happens. Observing the changes on the pond each day is quite entertaining.

In the morning, Barb and I went to journal and then - before heading home - checked to make sure we had everything we needed to stay in the studio for the rest of the day. Miss Chloe is enjoying her new space. I intend to use that rug near a couch that is being cleaned today but for now, she can have it. I imagine the blanket will move to the couch and so might the dog - alternating spots.

Right after I finished the white and red bunting bags, my daughter wrote to ask if I could make one with sleeves so I bought some black cabbage patch swirl at Fabricland yesterday and if I have time before we go visit later this month, I'll make a third. I'm very proud of myself. I've lived here two months already and Sunday was my first trip to Fabricland and yesterday my second and both were for fabrics for my grandsons. This is good. I have lots of packed away potential in the studio to work on.

BOXES of potential. Like Barb. She brought this pre-cut star kit - cut by hand - because she bought it in the seventies before rotary cutters were even invented. Originally, she intended to stitch it when she retired only she went back to work again, and retired again, two more times. Perhaps the fact that she's working on it now means she's going to stay retired. Time will tell.

I'm working on the raincoat I started back in May intending to take it on our cruise this past summer. Obviously it wasn't finished and it didn't go. I'd started the welt pockets in Ashland with the help of my friend Ute and had to re-familiarize myself with the instructions and backtrack a bit before going on. I love the way the pocket bag is folded inside itself with no raw edges. After a day in the studio, the two pockets are done and I'm ready to add the sleeves and move forward. It should - LOL - be ready for spring.

I'm astonished at how tiring it was to spend an entire day in the studio. I guess it's something I'll need to work up to and that's okay. I will. Even though I'm constantly being reminded of the fact that I'm still healing. At least, I can be in the studio. This is good. YES YES.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - two welt pockets and a week to play

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  1. Yeah, great to see you enjoying the studio time and yes, it means healing is happening, of course never at the pace we would like.


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