Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Can Paint!

The last couple of weeks in the studio were fabulous... not that I got a lot finished BUT... I did get a lot started. This week, I have two trips into town and some painting chores to finish around the house ready for my daughter and her family at Christmas. They're coming if the weather is good and hopefully it is. I'm looking forward to seeing them and getting my hugs in person. Everyone in our family seems to have a crazy schedule this year but hopefully we'll all be together for at least one dinner.


Several years ago I did a sock study trying every method I knew of at the time and then I saw the book Knit Your Socks On Straight by Alice Curtis and - of course - had to try that method too. I didn't bother getting gauge since I just wanted to know how it worked but these turned out pretty good so I think I'll try it again with proper yarn and the right size needles. Each pattern has a seam built into the design and the key point is to slip the first stitch of every row... which I kept forgetting... since I'm trained to knit the first and last stitch of every row. LOL - I can be retrained. Slipping the stitch makes a nice neat seam.

I finished blocking the pile of scarves and now I'm tucking the ends in. When I blocked the grey scarf above left, I realized that I'd made a mistake in the pattern. Oh well... a humility row I guess. When I blocked the grey sparkly one, there was a dropped stitch that needed to be woven in. Since you can't drop a stitch without going off pattern and the pattern continued on, I'm guessing that I just caught the edge of the yarn and it broke but I don't really know. As I was sewing the stitch in, I thought about how someone might think it should be "reduced in price" for a flaw but really it should be more because I spent more time repairing it invisibly. Sometimes, we just need to change our thinking.

I don't have any Pintrest boards but lately I seem to get sucked in by the advertisements they send. I've downloaded a lot of inspiration to try out in the sewing room. Both of these wraps have great sewing or knitting potential.

One thing I want to experiment with is combining my knitting and my sewing into garments that contain some hand stitched pieces as well as some knit pieces. It's an idea that's been tickling for a while. Perhaps next year will be the year cause it definitely won't be this year. VBG - I'm running out of time.

The dress at left is sewn from old sweaters. I like the idea of trying that with Lynn Mizono's Vogue 1410. The dress on the right is from the knitting site Ravelry. I think it's most likely two garments, one on top of the other, but it definitely combines knitting and sewing in an interesting way.

Today, I'm putting another coat of white on the kitchen cabinets, rehanging the doors, and painting them in place. Ditto for the bathroom cabinets except in turquoise. And then... depending what time it is... since I have a guest coming this afternoon... I'll start painting the baseboards white. I may need to pace myself with that since sitting on the floor is still a bit difficult but...

... at least I can sit on the floor. I'm lucky in so many ways. Yesterday morning I was feeling quite whiny about painting. I didn't want to paint and I definitely did not want to put on my horrid painting clothes that are going to be torched the minute I'm done. I went to journal first and as I was pulling into the parking lot there was an elderly gentleman driving a very old truck, without power steering, that had seen better days. It took him a while to climb down and make his way inside with his cane so I was waiting in line as he walked by on his way to the washroom and then sitting at the table when he walked back toward the door... with wet hair... clean clothes... and what looked like a bag of dirty clothes in hand. Myself and I had a chat. I quit whining. I have a house to paint. Sometimes, we just need to change our thinking.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - I can paint!


  1. Yes, sometimes we just need that little reminder about how fortunate we are...

  2. Myrna I wish you a very very happy and healthy holiday season! Merry Christmas!! sending you big hugs. Claire

  3. Best wishes to you for a joyful holiday season with friends and family. I so look forward to reading about your journey in life. So inspirational!

  4. In England when we were taught to knit (showing my age) we were taught to slip the first stitch of every row to create a neat edge, and now I teach, I teach the same method. So pleased you are feeling better and that you are making such great progress. Have a wonderful holiday with your family.

  5. The brown one is a Nora Gaughan design for Berroco. It's a vest worn over a dress. I have the pattern. It's awesome. If you would like the pattern I could copy it and send it to you


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