Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It Feels Like Progress

Clean the windows, hang the blinds, and do a few other finishing touches and the suite will be - at last - ready to rent. I am so looking forward to having that behind me and to starting to establish some routine and flow in the studio.

Yesterday, I began blocking the scarves I knit over the summer and it feels like progress. There are fourteen in total with a few rectangles and mostly triangles of varying sizes. I blocked Claire's first so there would be some hope of getting it to her before winter is over. It's her thank-you gift for helping me when I had a car accident a few blocks from her home at the beginning of June. I just need to weave the yarn ends in and get it in the mail.

When I moved here, I knew only one person - Wendy - who I'd met years ago through textile art. She's now a real estate agent and helped me find the house. On Monday night when she was over for coffee, I showed her the scarves and she immediately fell in love with the brown bamboo/silk one and bought it. It's large, more of a shawl, and looks fabulous on her.


The triangle shawls I made start with one stitch and add one at each end of every row. Basically, you start and keep knitting until you run out of yarn. The shawl above was on Pintrest. It's a rectangle with the two "sleeves" shaped by buttoning together the ends. It reminded me of...

... the black linen knit shawl that I bought this past summer. It's also a rectangle but this time the ends are folded around and seamed together leaving a hole to pull over the neck. You wear it with the seam running down your arm. Both of these could easily be made from yardage, pieced scraps, painted fabric, or knitting with many... many... many variations on the theme.

Yesterday was my coaching session with Diane. We "meet" every three weeks and I hadn't gotten much done since our last session. Frustrating. It was partly the need to finish the suite but partly because I was stuttering over the assignment. We talked through a way for me to move forward by learning to work differently and incorporating new ideas rather than familiar ones. That can be hard to do especially the more accomplished you become but it's where the magic happens and I definitely want magic to happen. Working with a coach helps me to see where I'm stalled and to find a way to move around that. It's wonderful.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - I am done painting in the suite


  1. Yesterday I challenged myself to be a "Myrna". I was sitting down to sew some clothing for a granddaughter. Vaguely looked at the pattern instructions. Then just started sewing it together using the techniques I like, instead of what the pattern instructions said. I can't get over how much faster the whole thing came together. And it was so freeing...I found myself thinking...hmmmm....what if I......

    Thanks Myrna for being so inspiring!

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for letting me know. I'm glad you had so much fun and discovered how freeing it is. YES YES - do more. Have fun.

  2. Oh yeah, you're definitely making progress! Even if it's at a speed setting you're not used to.............. ;)

    1. LOL - thanks. I've spent all day today playing in the studio and it has been bliss.


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