Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Very Simple Sew

Since I've been visiting my daughter and her family for the past ten days, I haven't been sewing BUT... while my friend Caroline was visiting... and before I left on this trip... and along with the Jessica purse... I finished a t-shirt - Butterick 6136 - which looks significantly shorter on the model than on my dress form.

The finished length is 27" and my typical length is 23". A difference of four inches is quite substantial but I decided to try it anyway and see if it was tunic-able. It feels way too long so I contemplated sewing an underdress with lace edging similar to the pictures I show at the end of this posting until...

... I saw this picture of me wearing it and, slightly messy hair aside, those stripes aren't working for me so... no dress. Instead, I'll sew a pair of black pj pants to go with and this will become another pajama top. And then I'll try this tunic length in another fabric with the under-dress as well as shorten the pattern and sew it again as a t-shirt. It's a great design and a very simple sew.


While she was here, Caroline bought a fabulous black knit top. I took some pictures of the details. I liked that it was pieced using the same fabric which was a current them in ready-to-wear. The right front has a curved seam leading into a pocket with a top band, a gathered pouch, and some leather fringes hanging from the button. The left front is pieced with an overlay and has an overlapped and top stitched princess seam. It's simple and copy-able.

In another store, I saw this dress that combines parts of a sweater with yardage. The under-dress has several layers of what appears to be lace only they are pieces of knitting. The yoke, those beige curves at the sides, and the cuffs are parts of a sweater. I love the idea. I have a sweater from the thrift store that would be a good starting point and plenty of yarn for the knitting. This could be another project for achieving my goal of combine knitting and yardage.

My holiday is over and tomorrow it's back to work in the studio. I did a lot of knitting while I was away and a lot of imaginary sewing and - now - I certainly have a lot of ideas that I'm looking forward to creating.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - pajama muslins and new top ideas


  1. Love the black top but can't quite understand the lines. Is it sleeveless?

    1. No. It has a 3/4 sleeve. I tucked the sleeve up over the shoulder on the mannequin in order to get the other lines in the image.

  2. Replies
    1. LOL - Thanks. I so appreciate an honest opinion. I like the t-shirt, just not the way the stripes look plus it's a 4-way stretch so it feels like it's drooping. I'm definitely going to sew it again, probably more than once because I'd like to see it shortened and I think it'd be great with an under-dress so it could be worn at this length as either a tunic or a dress.


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