Friday, July 29, 2016

A Walking Purse

When I drive over to the park or down to the lake to go for a walk, I have to take my keys and driver's license with me. I've been putting them in a small, cross body bag that doesn't fit my wallet - and that was good at first - and then it was getting complicated remembering what was where and moving it back and forth so I decided to create a walking purse that my wallet would slide into easily.

In Wednesday's posting, I promised it would be finished for today and then yesterday got all turned around. Instead of sewing all afternoon, I went house hunting.... for the perfect house with the perfect basement suite at the perfect price.

Houses here are selling fast. You have to know what you want and buy it when you see it which can be a bit......

... nerve wracking for a first time buyer like my oldest son. He has decided to move to Salmon Arm which I'm taking as a supreme compliment. It was fun to go shopping with him and he made a great choice. We're still waiting to hear back if his offer has been accepted but hopefully. If so, he'll move early September. If not, he'll keep looking.

And...... YES YES... I did get the bag done. It started with two more pieces from the possibility box, one for the main fabric and one for the lining and bias trim.

The cord is a piece of beige shoestring that I zigzag stitched over to add the green color. It's stitched to the side of the bag and then "decorated" on each end with a smaller button that matches the focal one on the front. The strap is quite secure. For walking with a wallet. Although I may add an inside snap to hold my keys just to make sure that if I fall, they don't fall out. I'd prefer not to fall - VBG.

The main fabric is a surface design piece I made quite a while ago when I really didn't know what I was doing. It is - IMHO - rather ugly... which is perfect. Start With Ugly is one of the lessons in my course Self Expressions and it's a great place to begin playing from because there's no where to go but up.

To give the elements more vitality, I started by outlining the purple shapes with a black felt (for fabric) pen. The left side of the fabric in the image above has black outlining and the right side does not. It makes quite a difference and reminds me of cross-stitch. Adding the black outline always did wonders.

In addition to felt pens, I used pencil crayons to outline the other shapes and then set the colors with a steam iron. I'm pleased with how the fabric turned out. It's far more interesting than what I started with.

I like the finished bag too. It'll work perfect for what I wanted. When I started working with this piece, I felt a new level of confidence and freedom with surface design possibilities than I've felt in the past, like I'd turned some kind of comfort corner - a VERY nice bonus

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - ugly fabric to lovely purse


  1. Great bag Myrna! The first thought I had when I saw it was "What awesome fabric that is! Wish I could find something so 'Wow' as that!" You did a wonderful job.
    Thanks for letting us be along for your creative journey. You are truly inspiring.
    Hope your son gets the house. Know you'd enjoy having him for a new "neighbor".

    1. I enjoyed seeing how the fabric transformed. Thanks for sharing my journey. My son did get the house. YES YES!

  2. Cute purse. One method for securing keys is to attach them to a swivel hook and strap sewn to the inside of the purse...that way the keys are easy to remove whenever you wish but safe and easy to get to quickly. I've tried snaps as well but find they can get loose after a while. For a moment there, I thought you were moving again. ;-)

    1. Perfect. I was thinking a swivel hook and I have one in stash so I'll add it. LOL - it was fun to make it sound like I was moving again... since I do it so often... but I'm glad it's not me. These last couple months especially have felt more settled and I really love my house and this community.

  3. The embellished fabric is wonderful - the black outline and the addition of the rose-y outlines both for me bring it together fabulously. I too love a small purse but have never made you've got me thinking of possibilities, thanks so much. Glad to hear you are going on walks, does this mean the hip recovery is moving forward?


    1. Small purses are fun and easy to make. A great way to play. I hope you'll try one.

      Thanks for asking. The hip recovery is moving forward... slowly. I now have a fibrous mass instead of a liquid one. It'll dissipate over time with time defined as years so it is what it is, asymmetric and uneven. I don't have any physical limitations right now although I see the surgeon again at the end of August and she'll let me know if I need to do something different.

  4. I didn't think the original fabric was ugly, but lacking....something. The additions of out line and pink worked out well, especially with the lime trim and pink button. And the bag came out great! I've been thinking I need something similar since pockets don't always work to hold phone, wallet and keys. Good news on the hip, slow progress can be frustrating, but at least it's progress.

    1. It lacked definition. The bag is working perfect for sliding my wallet/keys in and out. I don't have a cell phone so I'm not sure if you'd want more pockets for that or not - maybe a zip instead of a button closure.

      I am pleased with the progress on the hip. Driving is a bit of an issue. I drove four hours yesterday and it's swollen. I may need to get an automatic instead of a standard HOWEVER... I'm lucky.

    2. No cell phone is these times seems very rare! Or maybe it's just assumed by now that "everybody" has one, so the subject just never comes up any more? I did not have a smart phone until about 2(?) years ago, before that was a flip phone. Talking/texting is the least of what I use it for. Very handy for snapping a photo of garage sale ads, items you are trying to match, keeping my pattern and book inventory handy to reduce duplicate purchases, reminders, maps, etc. But I will say that when I retire, I don't know that I'll keep it, since I won't be driving 40 miles to work each day. At least I hope I won't be driving that much, I have things to catch up on at home! :-)


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