Friday, August 12, 2016

Back To...

Yesterday marked eleven months since I moved here. I find that hard to believe and at the same time, it's really exciting. It has been a good move. Life has found an easy rhythm and flow and I've been happier than happy working in the studio. YES YES!

Although... this creative mess is not in the studio. It's in the dining room. I'm knitting the sleeves and the right back under layer for view D of...

... McCall's 7127 - with changes. I altered the shoulder width and the sleeve cap so the shoulder seam is placed right on the shoulder rather than dropped. It's a more flattering look on me. The rest of the garment will be sewn from the same yardage that the "yarn" was made from by...

... running a tubular rib knit through the serger without thread and cutting it into long strips. It made a huge mess back then and is still fraying all over the place as you can see by the dining room floor. That's why I'm containing my knitting to one location. The texture is fabulous. I'm having fun. This is a project I've been getting to for three years. It's part of a series about combining yarn and yardage, something I've wanted to explore at a deeper level. SO...

... I'm writing a workshop by that name - Yarn & Yardage. I started working on it about two months ago and I'm really excited to create the samples and put together the illustrations. I've always loved writing workshops and it seems like life has reached a point where it's possible for me to get back to writing. This is good.

I'm also enjoying more not knowing. When I created textile art, each piece started and developed step-by-step until the piece finished. I never knew the end at the beginning and it's a wonderful way of working that I wanted to bring into garment sewing. With my goal of working through the possibility boxes, I've been doing a lot more of this kind of sewing lately and it's fabulous for me although I realize it won't be of interest to everyone. Sigh... that's the way it goes.

The denim coat is one of those projects. It's making progress although you might wonder looking at this illustration. Wait. It will come together. What I did was randomly stitch in two dark sections - one in front and one in back - without debating their placement. This gives me an artistic problem to work through creating balance and flow between all the pieces. That's part of not knowing; part of the kind of challenge I enjoy. It starts my mind playing with ideas for how to... and what if...

I thought the coat would be further along by now only yesterday morning when I wanted to join the bottom section to the upper bodice, it was too long at the top between the side seams and center back. I made a dart. And stitched it to the outside. Which created another artistic problem to work through. Luckily, there will be another dart on the other side of center back too. It'll help.

I really... Really... REALLY need to avoid the thrift store. Apparently I'm as weak in the face of those possibilities as I am in the face of fabric possibilities. I went in looking for an idea for pocket closures for the denim coat and came out with a table that looks like someone started to refinish it with chalk paint and then abandoned the process. I want it to use as a computer desk for my studio. I've had the same furniture for a really long time so I'm looking for ways to give the space a facelift without spending a fortune. Paint and a few pieces of "thrift store" furniture could do the trick.

I'm hoping to get the front yard completely finished - or at least mostly finished - before winter so yesterday I got back to landscaping and marked off and started cutting out the grass for a walk-way. I've been watching videos on how to build a walkway and need to pick something that could be continued into the backyard at a later date... and is affordable... and easy to do... which is why I haven't quite decided yet.

And... another thing I'm getting back to is the mini tramp. I used this tool to get into shape after my pregnancies and three out of three times it worked so it seemed like a doable kind of exercise to add back into my routine especially if I kept the tramp in the studio. Now, when I hear my tenant have his shower, I finish up what I'm working on and start jumping and then shower and go journal. It adds a bit more time to my morning routine but in a good way. When I come home, I work on writing the workshop until Howard phones at noon and then move on to other things like the yard. I like routine. It works for me and adding writing back in feels like getting back to me. I'm glad.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful -  routine


  1. I enjoy reading about your creative journey. I believe creative people like to see the schedule of others. For me, your posts help give me a bit of direction to create as well as thinking out of the box. Thanks. Karen

    1. You're welcome. I'm glad they are helpful. I've always felt that sharing our own experiences is a way of supporting and encouraging others in theirs.

  2. wow, your hip is clearly A LOT better if you can jump! Bravo!


    1. Maybe not. Today I jumped a bit more vigorously and it felt like tearing. I may need to wrap it somehow and stick to running on the spot or something more tame like that. I've been building it up gradually and may have to stick to the lower levels BUT... I am moving and this is good.

  3. Lest we all worry about your hip and recovery, may we assume you are working with a physical therapist when creating your exercise program? Your inspiration process is letting me relax when something doesn't go as intended - though I do walk away processing next steps and channeling your resolutions. I have the pattern you are creating with yarn and yardage. How you are planning to assemble the pieces is exciting. I now see this pattern differently, and that is fun! BTY, when did you get a tenant? I seem to have missed that post.

    1. It's going to be a long road to the fibrous mass breaking down and leaving the body - years apparently - so probably best not to worry that long. There is nothing for a physical therapist to do in terms of returning to full function or increasing movement. That's all fine and there's no wound to be treated because it's a contained mass so it's "just" a matter of time. The mass needs to dissolve and the cavity knit itself back together although back together will be a new normal. I was told there was nothing to avoid but apparently enthusiastic jumping may be a something so I'll discuss it with the surgeon when I see her again end of the month. Thanks for your concern.

      With the yarn and yardage project, I'm not sure how I plan to actually sew the pieces together. Some ideas are swirling but I need to try this and try that and see how it comes together. The knit pieces have a one stitch seam allowance.

      I got a tenant in February. One of the reasons I bought this house was because of the basement suite. I wanted someone else to pay the mortgage. The young man I have right now is wonderful. I plan to keep him for as long as possible.


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