Wednesday, August 10, 2016

From The Bottom Up

Howard occasionally... well actually often... forgets to tell me things like that he didn't have to go back to work until Wednesday so was coming out to spend Monday and Tuesday with me after his holiday. Which was great. Only it meant shifting my plans so I didn't get too much done in the studio.

Yesterday, after he left, I arranged my yarn stash in the new cabinet. It's wonderful to have everything in the same space, clean, contained, and visible through the glass doors. I've been looking for more interesting storage containers to add to my studio space... like these three... a cake plate, a wire/wicker basket, and a glass vase. Storage can be pretty.

When I was painting the cabinet, it was propped up on paint cans and I liked the way it looked off the ground so I had the lumber yard cut four 8" x 2" x 2" pieces to act as legs, painted them to match, and screwed them to the bottom.

To start, I put a coat of primer an every surface including the back just in case I want to put the cabinet in the middle of the room at some point and then I painted the inside white and the outside grey.

The top has a white undercoat and was crackled with grey as you can see in the earlier picture. It is MUCH neater in the stash room now that I have this cabinet. I've always preferred closed storage and have some doors to add to the upper cabinet at right as well.

During the morning hour, I've been working on the denim coat from the bottom up. I started with the pieced section of painted and dark denim patches and then put together the bottom curve from remnants of a striped denim and top stitched the seams with grey thread.

The side seams of the pieced section had me stalled for a while. I debated several different ways to turn the corner and then finally just did something... because something is better than nothing... and I could at least go on from there. The pocket took a bit too. I wanted it to be easily pieced both into the next band and into the coat. After I finally figured it out, I then...

... sewed one of the edges on backwards. I've been sewing for over forty years and I still make mistakes. I hope that's encouraging. What I've developed over that time is perspective. Mistakes are no big deal. Even big ones. Fixing them can lead to a wonderful adventure.

I've sewn Vogue 8934 before and even though I'm using the exact same size and pattern pieces, the two coats look vastly different side to side. So fun. Before I started piecing anything, I cut out the sleeves out of the largest piece of remnant. If I use the right side, they'll be dark and if I use the "wrong" side, they'll be light. I probably won't decided until it's time to sew them in. Next are the front and back bodice sections.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a neat clean stash room


  1. My husband is terrible for talking things over with the 'model' of me that lives in his head, and forgetting to run things past the 'meat me'. The number of times he's sworn that he told me something... :)

    1. LOL - I'll have to ask Howard what his model of me looks like. Too fun.

  2. Love that cabinet redo! It looks awesome. I really enjoy that kind of project myself. What a bargain you found. :)

    1. I walk through the stash room to get to my studio and I love how neat this makes it look plus I can see - and dream - about the yarn. Definitely a win.

  3. I've had that Vogue coat on my "Make" list for a year and love how different your new version will be. Makes me itch to get started but so hot here that I don't want to handle a lot of fabric at the moment.

    1. It's coming along great. I'd hoped to be finished this week but made a silly mistake on the button band that I just finished correcting this morning. I have the buttons to sew (back) on and the sleeves to do and then it'll be finished. Hopefully next week. It's coming along great and in perfect time for our cooling weather. Imagine - a fall coat in fall. Too fun.


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