Friday, October 14, 2016

Knit Sew Paint

Yesterday was super busy and I didn't get a chance to write the blog posting before going to bed - thinking I'd have time in the morning - only the power was out. Since I can't write... or knit... or sew... without power, I rolled over and went back to sleep, then to journal, then breakfast with Howard before he left, and now here I am. Hopefully better late than never.

The work island is back together. I absolutely LOVE that I can move it all over the room very easily. I'm the type that likes to move the furniture so this is perfect. I've purchased a paint that is designed for cabinets. It's oil-like so will paint over the melamine sides without a primer but the doors and drawer fronts will need it. That actually works quite well for me. I'll do the main part first and the doors after making sure that each coat gets the maximum drying time as well as giving the surfaces time to cure before starting to use them again. I haven't read the instructions but that's typically about a month so...

... I've set up a temporary pressing station at the end of my desk and moved the mess to the edges of the stash room. Good thing I had that all cleaned up. That said...

... it's likely I'll be doing more knitting than sewing which can make for some really boring, slowly progressing, pictures. I'll try to come up with more interesting things to share than 2" of garter stitch or some such thing. Above, I've finished the main body of the cardigan and I'm most of the way through one sleeve. It's short, just above the waist length, and will have three quarter length sleeves.

Instead of copying the bottom of the body to the sleeve and being matchy-matchy, I started the sleeve with the cast on edge, one row of knit and one of purl to get a slight curl and then four rows of 1 by 1 rib and then another row of knit and another of purl before beginning moss stitch like the main body. I'm designing as I go so there was a bit of stuttering getting the stitch count and increases correct but now it's flowing and seems like it's going to work out well.

After spending so many years knitting scarves, I am suddenly really interested in knitting sweaters for myself. The above design is Lily from the book Essentially Feminine Knits. I have a heathered, charcoal grey, Cascade 220 yarn (shown bottom right) that I want to use for this. The sweater below is a free pattern on Ravelry called Aurea that I want to knit in a mixed colours yarn from Regia.  This probably sounds hilarious but...

... I so missed going to the Design Outside the Lines workshop this year, that I've already signed up for the Spring 2017 session and started thinking about what to sew. I'd like to develop outfits that include these sweaters. I have a gorgeous, warm-orange, linen fabric and one that is black/pink/orange. Both should go great with the Aurea sweater and - of course - charcoal grey goes with almost my entire wardrobe, being mostly black - LOL.

The guest instructor for the Spring session is Carol Lee Shanks and the theme is 3 Easy Pieces: Layering Up Your Spring. It's a combination that works really well for me. I've admired Carol's work for some time and I like the idea of creating within the guideline of the three pieces. LOL - I just have to wait until April now however...

... now that Howard is heading back to work and fall is setting in, there's a long period of relatively free time to spend in the studio. I'm looking forward to knitting, some sewing, and working on developing my painting skills. Next week, I'm learning how to paint shoes like these wonderful examples above and I'm also planning to paint yardage to sew into aprons if I can figure out the dynamics of how to do that with the studio in disruption. Hopefully... there will be some work island painting and some fabric painting to show.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - directions to work in


  1. Those are really beautiful sweaters and nice yarn. Should be a great spring outfit with those colors. Abbey

    1. Thanks. They're going to take a bit longer to get to. When I pinned the shoulders together and tried on the teal sweater I'm working on, the "border" definitely did not hit at a flattering position so I've ripped back to the underarm and I'm adding another 8" before decreasing. That will make it a standard length rather than cropped which should be better with that hemline. I can say for sure it does not look good hanging off the bust - VBG. Hopefully the 3/4 length sleeves will still work. One is mostly done.

  2. Thanks for the link to Carol Lee Shanks, Myrna. I hadn't seen her work before and I love it!

    1. You're welcome. Her work is really quite wonderful. I'm looking forward to learning from her.

  3. I was thinking you were really brave to wear a sweater that short. I think you will be much happier with the added length. It can still be cropped, just not quite so drastically. I love seeing what you are up to, it helps kick me into creative action.

    1. I find that length looks good on me if there is a flow between the garments underneath such as a dress with shaping through the waist or monochromatic choices. If it sits right above the waist, that slimmer part of my body is visible and it seems to work quite well. I was surprised when it was suggested but glad I tried it. That said, when there is such a strong line across the cardigan like the one I'm knitting and that line hits at a less than flattering point, not such a good idea. I think with this one, the longer length will be better. I measured one of my favourite sweaters and adding another 8" before the arm shaping should work good. I hope. LOL - I could be knitting and reknitting forever at this rate. I'm glad you find what I'm doing encouraging. YES YES - that encourages me.


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