Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Makes Me Crazy

This is Howard's last week of holidays. He had four weeks in total and the time has gone quite quickly. We've mostly moved slow, partly because he needed the rest and partly because we were still - since February - waiting to hear if he was going on strike. He's not. The contract was settled the end of last week. YES YES!

Yesterday morning, we drove to Vernon (45 minutes) for breakfast at a wonderful restaurant called Eatology and then Howard waited patiently while I visited the yarn store, dropped a package at a friend's, and went to one of my favourite dress stores - South of Pine - before picking up coffee and driving home to work in the studio.

Earlier in the week, he added legs to the former upper wall shelf turned new button cabinet. The doors looked silly turned the other way so, for now, the handles are at the bottom and it's fine. It works. It is much wider than what I had before and as you can see with the empty containers, there is room for stash growth. LOL - always good. I've decided that instead of covering a coffee table with buttons, I will do the frame for a mirror for the studio, perhaps a three-way one. That seems more useful and still fun.

My work island has been moved several times and "forced" into different configurations. This last move was particularly tough on it and some parts were damaged and others destroyed beyond repair. What I was left with was four units that didn't match in length or height. At first, Howard suggested I buy new units but when we priced them out at $1,200.00, we decided we could shape and strengthen the pieces I had into one that worked.

There are four sections including two 24" deep units one of which is 30" wide with three drawers and one of which is 36" wide with one drawer and two doors plus two 12" deep units one of which is 36" wide and one of which was 33 1/4" wide. We had to take apart, trim to 30", and put back together that unit. Luckily, it was the one in the earlier picture with the chunk missing. We trimmed from that end.

Howard would be the first to tell you that he hates wood. He'd much rather fix something mechanical than build things. For me, wood work is very much like sewing. I can see what needs to be done quickly and have to be patient while he sorts it all out in his mind. VBG - this can be hard for me to do. I'm glad he has the right tools and I'm glad that he's willing to help me especially as it's quite difficult for him physically to do the work.

Keeping that in mind, I am minding my manners even though a mess in my studio makes me crazy. The orange pants are still in pieces and I've been knitting instead. I finished two pairs of socks and am working on a sweater while I wait to be able to block them... including ordering the sock blockers. Apparently, I don't need to do that but I want to. They are gifts and I think they'd look much better blocked. MEANWHILE...

... when we quit working last night, the island was upside down with the four units staggered, slid close, and partially screwed together. The plywood piece we had cut for the bottom will fit perfect and the castors will make it easy to move the unit. AND... if I have a 36" exterior door put into the studio, the height of the island minus the castors will be 30 5/8" so it should never have to come apart again and can be moved out by turning it sideways through the doorway if necessary. Right now, it doesn't feel necessary. I have no intention of moving. My children don't believe me - LOL - and I wonder why! We'll see.

HOWEVER... I do intend to fill all the holes and cracks and paint the island before filling it back up which may mean the studio stays messy for a while longer. Hopefully, I can push the mess all to one side and do some sewing but paint and fabric are not a good combination so that may mean more knitting or taking the machine upstairs for a while. I can do some dreaming... on Pinterest... that lovely time sucking source of inspiration.

That's where I found this version of Katherine Tilton's Butterick 5891 sewn by Now Sewing. I wear my vest from this pattern frequently. In fact, I wore it yesterday. This fabulous version inspires me to try the jacket or perhaps the vest with sleeves.


In the earlier picture, one of the dress forms is wearing a beige sweater. I bought it at the thrift store because I like the yarn and the moss stitch however, it's not really my style so I've been pinning and tucking and playing with refashioning ideas. This shibori idea has possibilities AND... another dot idea. Dots are everywhere. Perhaps, it's the year of the dot.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - Howard rebuilding the island and adding castors. I love being able to move the furniture around.


  1. Bless that hubby of yours for rebuilding a very necessary part of your studio and giving you the patience to deal with the mess. I've sewn Butterick 5891 twice as a jacket and found it a great candidate for adding embellishments which is right up your wheelhouse. Thanks for mentioning it as I just might make it up again - maybe the vest. Karen

    1. The version of B5891 that I made has a black pearl cotton on black linen running stitch along the seams as embellishment. I really liked how that turned out. I can see lots of ways to play with the design.

      The island is back together now and ready for paint... and it has wheels... and I can push it around the room. VERY fun.

  2. Pinterest... Yeah, just about the greatest diversion from doing ever thought up. I'm definitely a fan!

    Looks like your studio is really coming together. You are so fearless when it comes to redesigning. Doesn't matter whether it's clothes or furniture... You go for it. I do like that about you!

    1. I didn't start out a fan of Pinterest but they've got me pegged with those targeted emails. I often am interested in those "fresh pins for you". I do try not to spend too much time there though. I can only handle so much inspiration and then I'd much rather sew.

      LOL - I don't see myself as fearless but I don't believe in making do if there's a way to create change so perhaps that is fearless. And I'm ready definitely for a new look in the studio. The more stable configuration of the island, plus portability, is am improved version and hopefully the paint and perhaps different hardware will make the unit feel fresh and new. It's a very useful piece. Not one I want to change out.

  3. Isn't it nice having a handy hubby? Mine is so generous with helping put up shelves, hang brackets, even building a 8'x12' frame for a backdrop I'm making for a friend's show. But I'm like you, I can instantly see several possible solutions to a project. He takes a little longer to "get the vision" :)

    1. VBG - yes... a difference in vision can make for some interesting discussion BUT... the island is all screwed together. It's going to be great once I have it repainted and stocked. For now, I'll move the "mess" into the stash room so I can breath in here.

  4. Elisabeth in FranceOctober 12, 2016 at 11:57 AM

    So happy that you're posting more frequently again! Love it! Thank you!

    1. You're welcome. I just hope I'll have something useful to say.


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