Friday, October 28, 2016

This Week

You do not use art as a means to an end but as a way to inhabit and explore the present. Right and wrong fade away: you recover your sense of what is authentic in you. The next expanse of nothingness, with its latent possibilities, awaits you, draws you close. Your art is part of the big painting of your life. You are on your own, standing by yourself in the middle of creating. In the beauty  of that aloneness, and in how you respond to it, you will find your passion. 

Boredom, frustration, and tiredness are not indications to stop; they are signs that you are not doing what you really want to do. It is important not to give up, but to respond to the challenge of the brick wall. If you quit, you will not learn about so-called blocks, and you might be discouraged from painting again. When you face the wall creatively you realize you do not have to feel helpless in painting, because there are always possibilities. You develop faith in yourself and see that your creative ability need never be doubted or stopped. You acquire a taste for suspense and become intrigued by the unexpected move that is looking for you. It might attract you or repel you, it might be fearsome or exhilarating, but it will wake you up
. - Life, Paint, and Passion: Reclaiming the Magic of Spontaneous Expression by Michele Cassou and Stewart Cubley

In terms of getting things done in the studio, not much happened. I finished the Barbara bag and I'm on the final coat of paint for the work island. I can hardly wait to get the supplies back in place and be able to sew with some kind of flow and rhythm. I'm not good in chaos. The paint will be dry to the touch and not attracting fluff by Saturday so I have plans to do something... anything... that involves thread and a machine. It may be the purse I have waiting or the wallhanging for the upcoming show or something different entirely but it will be something.

In terms of knitting, progress is being made on the sweater but not enough for a picture. It's the same only bigger. It's taking much longer than I expected both because I haven't knit a sweater in a long time and because I keep knitting and frogging and reknitting. I think I've finally come to the correct answer and I'm looking forward to the next project.

With garment sewing, I've started to think about the collection I'd like to make for my trip in April and how to work on it and around my evolving size. It's motivation - for sewing, for design, for losing weight, for exercise - to have something to look forward to. Two of the pictures below have interesting necklaces. I can see versions of them to go with my outfits. I like the idea of thinking through the entire outfit. It's not an approach I normally take.

The wraps above are interesting. The one at left can also be worn as a cowl. The one at right is a rectangle folded and buttoned. It's a great way to make a simple piece and to use up single buttons and could be a painted woven fabric with drape, a knit fabric, or a knitted fabric. There's potential to explore which is...

... mostly what I've done this week - help other explore potential. I spent two days helping a friend who felts learn to create a fitted pattern so she can design garments with a higher degree of fit and sophistication. We have some more work to do first but our minds are buzzing with possibilities for the combination of felt and fabric. She's going to teach me to felt.

I spent three hours sitting with a friend during her shift at a gallery. I knit. She needle felted. And I observed. It's interesting. I'm not sure it's for me and that's okay. It's good to try different things and see. I spent last night teaching a new friend how to knit. She started out tripping over the needles and two hours later left with smoother, more confident movements. It's good. I read and passed along the book quoted earlier to a member of my "Starbucks family" who wants to explore painting... which is just the word used in the quote... and could be substituted with any creative endeavor.

Process and product has been a common conversation this week, about being in the journey, right in the moment with what we are working on, exploring mysteries and discoveries, and letting the piece unfold as it unfolds, just enjoying the flow of the needle and the thread. It's important. We connect with ourselves in our creations... and our inspirations.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - opportunities to support and encourage.


  1. This is such and uplifting and encouraging post. You have had a wonderful and full week of explorations in art, personal growth, connections, and reflection. Such a joy to read on this very rainy and soothing morning on Bainbridge Island with a cup of coffee and my purring kitty beside me.

    1. Bainbridge Island is such a beautiful place. How nice to sit and enjoy. Thanks for your encouragement. I'm tired this weekend and just about - at noon - to start stitching in the studio. I'm really looking forward to playing.


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