Friday, November 25, 2016

A Recovery Mission

The second garment, dark background, isn't finished yet although it has progressed from a rescue to a recovery mission. There was no way the original back could be saved and - luckily - I had enough scraps to put together another back sections. A definite plus for buying extra yardage.

Fibrefemme wondered if the reason I was having so much trouble with the dark background was the degree of contrast. I'd come to a similar conclusion. That's one of the things I love about  new learning journeys, they will teach me something new and they will confirm what I already knew and perhaps am ignoring. Paint has not changed my preference for low contrast nor my preference for texture over pattern.  

Here's the hot mess. I started out wanting a wandering line along the back seam and then decided it didn't show up enough so I started adding more motifs and decided that didn't show up enough so I tried to create an hourglass shape to the stenciling and add another colour. Very quickly I was in danger of filling the canvas as opposed to creating any kind of sophisticated image. I also hated the yoke-like line I'd added and that led to cutting new pieces. I'm deciding what I can do with the abandoned pieces - patches, binding, covered buttons, there are options.

One aspect I really enjoyed was the technical details. I have sewn a button up blouse with a collar stand, collar, and cuffs for a long time and it was fun to see it starting to take shape. After taking my measurements I dialed my smaller dressform as close as possible and I love how the shape of this pattern - Butterick 5786 - looks slimming even though "without clothes" the form looks bottom heavy. That one of the wonderful things about dressing and about creating clothes that fit and flatter.

Fun, fit, and flatter are really important to me. Not to everyone. When I checked the reviews for this pattern, one reviewer wrote that she knew it was going to be too big for her shoulders but didn't think it would matter with this style. She seemed very happy with her garment. I found that an intriguing perspective because it's been my experience that good fit is always worth the work. I liked how Margy's version fits well, has wonderful texture, and looks fabulous on her. As always. I really love her work.

This morning, I'm in Kamloops for a follow-up appointment with the surgeon about my hip. I went in last night, ran some errands, and had dinner with my husband. My appointment is early so right after that I'll head back for lunch, knitting, and finishing the blouse. I took the sleeves with me to slip stitch the cuffs last night and all that's left is to sew them in, add the buttons, and decide if any more paint will be applied.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - confirmation and learning


  1. I am very interested to see the dark version. When I commented that I saw your work changing I guess I meant that your surface design is getting more sophisticated and definitely has a "look" to it. It is not a Diane or Marcy look but you are really finding your voice. I loved the cuffs and the collar and back yoke stenciling on the light cardigan. In the past I have seen you do all over stenciling and it did not seem to be you. When you said you like low contrast and texture over pattern I thought you were starting to really nail that look. I too like texture and low contrast and am currently working with Dynaflow. I have Lumiere but have not worked with it for awhile. Have a great day.

    1. I appreciate the feedback. Thank you. It lets me know that I'm heading in the right direction and doing "me". This is good. YES YES!

  2. Since I am such a low contrast person myself I appreciate your work with that same challenge. And personally, I think fitting at the shoulders is everything since my shoulder slope is so severe...and I have shoulder envy for some sewists out there.

  3. Hello, hello. Could you please send me your email address? Between my husband "fixing" my email, and my ipad being moody, I can't track it down. I love the top you are making. I think maybe it's made it into my queue. I have a cardigan that's in process using an Alabama Chanin sort of design, and at the moment it looks like I have the plague. I feel your pain with the creative process!


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