Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Transitional Phase

This time between Christmas and New Years is a transitional phase. Next year is going to look a lot different than this year with me working outside the studio. For now, the holiday is over and most everyone has returned to work although that looks rather strange and reversed at our house. Howard has the week off and I'm working afternoons at the salon. I was teasing him that I'd want to come home to dinner on the table. Not. We ordered Chinese food yesterday and there are leftovers which means dinner tonight is done too. This is good.

I've been shoveling a LOT of snow. The pile on top of the pot is just from one afternoon. It's pretty though. The trees look absolutely gorgeous and I'm enjoying watching how the light changes throughout the day and how it reflects off the snow.

Last week, I made a quick trip to visit my daughter for her 30th birthday. We all went to Starbucks in the morning and then Jessica and I went shopping and out for lunch. It's probably the first time in ten years I've been with her on the actual day and I really enjoyed that. Even though it was a quick trip, there still was time for fabric. Jessica and I picked out some for her purse on Wednesday and on Thursday, my friend Mary picked me up and we took the fiber tour to the airport stopping at the fabric store, the bead store, and the yarn store. YES YES! She said I was a mere shadow of my former self which makes her my new BFF and - LOL - makes me potentially invisible when I lose the next twenty-five pounds. Too fun.

This mannequin is getting as many haircuts as possible. I've cut the overall shape twice, one of which you can see in the back and yesterday, I cut asymmetrical bangs using a twist and cut method that is new from when I did hair before. And VERY effective. The right side head was already shaved so all my styles are working toward a final short one that will maximize that element.

I bought two balls of Bernat Sox yarn to make a pair in this fall color palette only to discover that the one ball and three joins. One join I'm okay with since thread does have to stop and start somewhere but three in one sock is frustrating. I'd much rather knit them end to end without any joins. Sigh. That I'm even complaining about sock yarn is...

... funny in itself because years ago I did an entire sock study trying every method only to conclude that not only did I hate knitting socks, I hated wearing knitted socks, only I knit eight pairs for Christmas presents including two pairs of sock slippers for my grandsons. They're made using a ribbed pattern that is supposed to prevent them from slipping off. Socks are as easy to knit as the triangular shawls I've spent so much time on over the past few years so they're perfect for knitting in public or in front of the TV.

No progress was made on the textile piece. In fact, you could say it has gone backward since I decided the background that I'd previous stitched wasn't working and I needed a new one. Yesterday, I picked up a heavy, white linen and I'm ready to move forward again.

I also printed out a portion of the design and folded it into grids to see how the colour distribution went. I like the way the printer blurred the design all together. Once again, that allows me to be inspired by without copying or cloning. And this is good.

I like to end the year without any unfinished projects and if that isn't possible, I prefer to end it with only one project in progress. This year, it will most likely end with one knitting project and one sewing project in progress and that's okay too.

How do you like to end the year?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - hair videos on YouTube

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  1. I usually say I'll clean and organize my sewing studio at year's end. But the reality becomes creating a new garment when I uncover some special fabric(s). Glad you're enjoying working again. Happy New year! Karen


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