Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Two Heads Under My Arms

Good morning. I'm actually writing this posting the morning of since yesterday was so busy. I got home late from work and then spent the evening with a friend helping her learn to knit. I spent Monday night the same way. Two friends learning to knit is even better than one. These kinds of addictions are fun to pass on.

Most of my knitting projects end up as gifts. I tend to knit easier things like scarves, socks, and gloves that I can do while somewhat distracted. As with fabric, I buy yarn for my stash when it's on sale and then knit from the stash. Occasionally, I have a project in mind. The linen coloured yarn is for socks for a friend's birthday. That's not a colour I'd normally have on hand.

I keep a box of knitted things for when I need a quick gift. I finished these gloves for my new bosses only when I blocked them, the cream pair developed a stain along one edge. I think it's either from the pins or the board which is disturbing. They're soaking in Oxiclean right now. I'll re-dry them today and hopefully they'll be okay. I need them dby Friday because I'm not working... OR BLOGGING... next week. I'm going to hug my daughter for her 30th birthday.

After pinning the side seams, I took them in from 1" at the underarm to 1 3/4" at the waist tapered into the original seamline at the hip. That's 4" on the bust and 7" at the waist. I also took out the back darts and will make them narrower.

The sleeve seam was narrowed 1" all the way down or 2" in total. One sleeve is sewn back in and I'll finish the other today. I really love this dress - Vogue 1410 - and since I'd only worn it once, it was worth altering... which I normally hate to do. Most of the clothes I'm shrinking out of  won't be altered. I've worn them for a while and I'm looking forward to an entirely new wardrobe. If I still love the fabric, I cut them up and putting it aside for something refashioned.

I walked out of the salon yesterday with two heads under my arms, a blow dryer, and several different curling irons so I can "play" hairdresser at home. My new boss is incredibly supportive and thinks things are going well only I haven't cut any hair yet so she's definitely waiting to see how good I am at that... or not... before saying for sure if I'll be staying. It does look good though. I'm glad.

I'm enjoying the energy of the salon and I think now is a good time for me to return to work. The last time I cleaned the studio was much deeper and more intense than ever before. In particular, I shredded research materials, photographs, class notes, and other creative career type items. It doesn't mean I'll never go that way again because no one knows for sure what the future holds but I remember thinking this part of my life is over and it's been great to explore creativity without that shadow.

Art must be felt and cannot be willed... it has to generate spontaneously in the artist's inner self.

... an artistic impression is only received when an author has, in a manner true to himself, experienced the feeling which he transmits and not when he passes on another man's feelings previously transmitted to him.

The two paragraphs above are from Brenda Ueland's book If You Want To Write. She's talking about authenticity in our work and how that's the only place we can work from where the art we create will have a true impact on others. I think that's also valid of having a true impact on ourselves. I've worked from a what do they want and what will sell perspective and I've worked from a what do I want to create and what would happen if I did this or that curiosity perspective and the later is definitely preferable. It's a far more interesting and energizing journey even if I end up selling that piece.

After I finish altering the dress, I'll be working on the textile art piece for the gallery show in January. I started it a while ago and then put it aside while I finished other things. I'm looking forward to finishing it and to introducing myself to the art community through the exhibition BUT... I'm enjoying sewing clothes much more. I love the bonus of wearing them.

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - a supportive boss, two heads

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