Friday, January 27, 2017

Too Fluffy For Me

Things have been super busy at the salon. I'm so thankful for all the friends who have allowed me to practice on their hair. This is my last week of shadowing. Next week I am on a holiday and although February 2nd is my first official day of work, I'll be away from the salon taking a two day colour workshop. VERY fun. I am enjoying this new adventure and looking forward to establishing my regular routine although - knowing myself - I'll be in the salon far more hours than I'm actually booked for and that's okay.

Yesterday, I knit during the morning hour and today, I plan to start working on a coat. Trying to sew any kind of fitted clothing while losing weight is proving more difficult than I anticipated and while - LOL - it'd be nice if the weight would hurry up and leave so I could sew some clothes... slowly and surely is better than quick and back so... cardigans or coats are more doable right now and I could use some of them too... YES.

I'm slowly finishing the Butterick 5786 blouse only it has hit a bit of a snag. I asked my coach - Diane - for some collar inspiration and she suggested using the shape cut off of the front as the starting point. That was just enough to send me off on a creative journey.

I started by taking the shape, cutting two pieces right sides together, and seaming them along the short end. The result was a bow-tie shaped piece with very wide ends so I...


... folded it in half and seamed the ends. I could just as easily have sewn the wide ends together or alternated them and those are shapes I'll play with next because I'm not entirely sure that what I did is going in the right direction but it is interesting.

To get more dimension to the collar, I shifted the raw edges and basted them together creating the pull that you see in the image above. And then...


... I started pinning and tucking the collar to the neckline using the neckband as my guide and...

...while I like the energy that is starting to develop, this is far too fluffy for me. I'm not overly comfortable with a lot of high detail around the neck. I can see pressing these shapes and creating a more squashed look. I'll explore that too along with...


... a different neckline shape. Above left, I pinned the two fronts together where I wanted the top buttonhole to be and then added 1/2" above the button plus 5/8" seam allowance and altered the neckline to that point using a French curve to get a graduated line.

And then... I decided I did not want to work with this fabric anymore. The quality is not as good as I'd like for the effort I'm putting in. Before going forward, I'll go back, cut new front and back pieces and stitch them together and then explore the other ideas. I did like...

... the curved hemline. To get a nice shape, I fused 1/4" strips of knit interfacing to the hemline with the stretch going around the garment and then serged to finish the edge before turning it up 1/2" and stitching in place. IMHO this gives a clean, soft edge to this hem without pulling or warping.

Next week, my friend Caroline is visiting from Yellowknife. We are taking a wire wrapping workshop that will be a nice shift from watching hair videos to a different kind of something new. Hopefully I'll have some samples to show. The class is Tuesday afternoon. On Monday, we'll go shopping after I pick her up at the airport and Wednesday and Thursday we'll work in the studio before heading back to the airport on Friday. I'm not sure what Caroline has planned to work on but I'll be sewing the "real" version of my daughter's purse now that the prototype is working out well.

Talk soon - Myrna
Grateful - friends


  1. I admire your dedication to starting over again in a beauty shop. I was wondering if you had to re-test for your license. I can just imagine how much has changed since you worked at this craft. Good luck.

    1. Thanks. No, I don't need to retest because I'm still fully licensed. The basics of cuts, colours, and perms are the same. I'm learning the new products and the details. With shadowing for the past months I've been learning any newer cuts and how doing hair is more responsive now than it used to be. I'm surprised at how easy it's been to transition back and I'm looking forward to learning new ways of working. On the 5th/6th I'm going to a colour workshop and that's the area I'm the most nervous of since you're not playing with fabric but someone's head.


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