Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The First Completely Be Lazy Day

Today was the first completely be lazy day in what seems like months. Since there was nowhere to be at a certain time, I rolled over, snuggled into the covers, and slept in. It was a beautiful sunny day. When I did get up, I moved slowly and spent most of the day knitting in the bright and sunny living room.

We had a LOT of snow over the weekend. The weather delayed flights and made travel next to impossible. It took Caroline three extra days and a lot of shuffling to finally make it home although her luggage didn't arrive on the same flight. Since one of the instructors lives here, my hair colouring workshop was shifted to stay in town and that worked much better. Weather doesn't normally bother me but there was something about this mucky mess that made me prefer to stay home and safe. Judging by the number of accidents I heard about, that was wise.

Last Tuesday, Caroline and I took a wire wrapping workshop with a local instructor. She lives about twenty-five minutes from me out in the country and said we couldn't miss the van in front of her house. LOL - so true.

Neither of us has a lot of jewelry making experience so this was a beginner class to see if wire wrapping was something we might enjoying exploring. The theory is relatively easy and will improve with practice - as all art forms do. I was glad to have watched a few videos first so the movements made sense.

We made a basic bracelet using a wrapping wire and six "bones" for structure. The double wrap moves up and down as the bracelet develops. We worked from left to right with shorter ends that were pulled out when we needed more length. That made it easier to hold and manipulate the wires.

I like how the bracelet turned out especially for my first project. The copper was dipped in sulfur of liver to give it a darkened tone and to show the details more clearly. I prefer this finish to the shiny copper although I'd prefer sterling silver or a coloured wire even more. I'll experiment with those next.

We even made the hook however, with how snug the bracelet is, it's almost impossible for me to put on and off by myself so next time I'll try a different clasp. Magnetic ones appeal to me for their ease with both bracelets and necklaces and for how they allow you to build multi-part pieces were the parts can be used individually or all together.

One of the wire wrappers that our instructor suggested watching online is Lisa Barth. I already have her book Timeless Wire Weaving. Reviewing it after the class, I can see that much of what we learnt follows the book. It'll be a great reference for my next project. Our instructor has only wire wrapped for a year and her work is amazing. The detail above right is of one of her brooches. The way the wires move and curl, that grace and fluidity, really appeals to me as well as the potential to combine wire with fabric.

 Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - safe travels


  1. I love the idea of making jewelry from wire! Alas, my days for doing this type of work are gone. I have arthritis in my thumbs and it makes my hands hurts just thinking about it! But I am still knitting and sewing...and if that gets too bad (unless I have surgery) I can always paint!

    1. It definitely utilizes the thumbs to push the wires down although I think you could use pliers. Otherwise it's not different than knitting. Which I'm glad you're doing. And that you have a plan. YES YES!

  2. I never cared for wire wrapping until I saw your photos above. So energizing to see possibilities in something unvalued before.

    1. Thank you. There are so gorgeous photos on-line. Goggle Nicole Hanna if you'd like to see some amazing work.

  3. Love the bracelet! The herringbone pattern really appeals, as does the copper colour...

  4. Lovely new skill. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


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