Friday, May 5, 2017

Accept & Lean

The pants I showed in the last posting have already been altered to fit better. As the linen warmed from wear, the crotch depth seemed to get too long and baggy. After pinning to test, I took off the waistband and moved it down a full inch and I like the fit considerably better now. Small changes can make a significant difference; the difference between wearing or not wearing a garment.

I am really rather picky about my clothing and if a garment doesn't fit or feel quite right, it often gets recycled. This bag is made from two pairs of jeans I bought at the thrift store and a skirt from my closet that never got worn.

I wanted to practice using studs before adding bling to a bag I'm making for my daughter as well as use some of the bag hardware I've been accumulating like the handles and magnetic closure. The D rings are another thrift store find - from belts.

The flap is a pocket from the jeans. I stabilized it with interfacing and added a lining and then folded it up and over and stitched it to the bag back. The edges have zigzag stitching with purple thread that adds just a tiny bit of glow.


Large snaps on the side give shape to the bag and narrow the opening while purse feet on the bottom will help keep it cleaner. The lining is purple like the details on the front and there is plastic canvas in the bottom to hold the shape. I'm pleased with how it turned out and...

... at the same time....

... I feel like the bags I'm making are rather predictable and I want to give them a higher degree of interest and sophistication - like a statement necklace. I've had a few conversations over the last few days about accepting and leaning into my style. At first, I was looking for my style or looking to evolve my style into what I thought it should be because I admired someone else's look. That doesn't work. It's false. By defining and recognizing my style... and accepting it... I now feel comfortable with it and want to increase its authenticity and originality. That's a fun journey - to be the best me.

Statement necklaces are part of my style. In all likelihood, any outfit you see me wearing will be some version of a plain upper garment, a lower garment with more impact such as a print or texture or piecing, and a statement necklace that adds energy and detail to finish the look. I'd like the bags I sew to have that same impact as my necklaces even if the one I personally use daily is just plain black. Bags are a wonderful playground. I think the answer I'm looking for is in the added details.

My refashioning and re-purposing skills have grown tremendously over the past five years that I've been working on them. Before, I didn't even want to go into a thrift store and now, I have to be careful how often I go because I always find something... like this bracelet made up of multiple bangles all of which would be great for wire wrapping.... which has...

... turned into somewhat of an addiction. Above is the piece I'm currently working on. I started by cutting seven base wires and randomly weaving them and then added the turquoise stone and securing it with the weave. The piece is currently more pendant like and I want more of a wider bar so I'm about to add another stone and extend the design toward the right.

I'm allowing the piece to evolve as it will and seeing what unfolds step-by-step. Although the medium is new, this is a comfortable way of working. It's how I work with fabric. And the lines I see emerging are familiar. They're just made of wire not thread. I think that's the leaning part of accepting and leaning. My style involves texture, multiple small details, curving lines, and focal and secondary focal points. Almost anything I create fits into that "formula" in some way. It's my uniform, the blank canvas within which I create and there are multiple ways to fill the form. YES YES

What are you accepting and leaning into about your style?

Talk soon - Myrna

Grateful - maturity


  1. Love the bag. It is the wonderful mix of colors that makes it unique!
    My style (in another textile medium) seems to evolve (and yet a general look or theme remains constant) as I pursue what appeals to me. IMHO when you pursue your own unique interests without copying while freely borrowing ideas it just happens because it is uniquely you. I didn't think I had a style until I saw a collection of my work next to other's and realized it had a certain look that made it mine.

    1. What is your other textile medium? That sounded interesting. When I was making textile wall art, I also had similar lines and themes and I think that was a part of recognizing what I'm drawn to - when I saw those elements cross over into other mediums. Like you, I didn't think I had a style and thought of the way others expressed their style as something I needed to develop. And yet I was getting compliments on my style. Eventually I recognized it and now I'm finding ways to lean into it and that's rather fun. Is there somewhere I can see your work?

  2. Love the wire wrapping. More please!

  3. Hi, I love the bag and your wire wrapping work. I wonder whether those two things could be combined with an intersting wire wrapped closure on a purse? I have an old black clutch to which I attach different large brooches depending on mood. I can see something like what you've been making on a clutch or even on the wrap over jeans pocket closure on a casual bag. Looks like you're having fun 😊

    1. Thank you. I'm hoping to combine fabric and wire and have ideas hopping around in my head. First I need to learn how to do the wire with good technique. My skills aren't up to my ideas yet but just wait - LOL.

    2. Ok, maybe, but I already love what you are doing w the wire wrapping and the stone. Right up my alley. This is a really interesting path that you're on.

      Hope you are ok, I heard there were mud slides in your area.


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